Can OdoBan disinfectant be used in a fogger?

Can OdoBan disinfectant be used in a fogger?

Can OdoBan disinfectant be used in a fogger?

OdoBan® Fogging Deodorizer is a concentrated blend of water soluble odor neutralizers formulated specifically for fogging applications. Safely and effectively eliminates cooking, smoke, food, pet and mildew odors from fabrics without leaving a sticky residue.

Does OdoBan have eucalyptus in it?

OdoBan® (Original Eucalyptus Scent) – 911001-G | Clean Control Corporation.

Is OdoBan safe to inhale?

Is Odoban Toxic? Odoban is classified as non-toxic, however with all cleaning supplies we never recommend ingestion of the product.

Does OdoBan have a strong smell?

OdoBan® is a Hospital Disinfectant Cleaner that is effective against a wide variety of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. It is also an excellent deodorant and leaves a clean fresh odor.

Can I spray OdoBan on clothes?

33554432Can OdoBan (The Original Odor Eliminator) be used in the laundry and, if so, how much? Yes, OdoBan concentrate can be used to freshen and soften laundry, while eliminating tough laundy odors. Learn how to use OdoBan in the washing machine here.

Does OdoBan sanitize laundry?

No. OdoBan will only deodorize laundry. OdoBan disinfection claims apply to hard non-porous pre-cleaned surfaces.

Will OdoBan kill bed bugs?

see less Hi Larry, Bed bugs are not killed by Odoban. Odaban is a disinfectant. More for urine, blood, fecal messes, kennels, bedding , wash, floor etc. For bed bugs rubbing alcohol being sprayed on them kills them.

Is OdoBan eucalyptus toxic to dogs?

Eucalyptus is toxic to dogs, cats, and horses (maybe other animals as well), even in a diffuser.

Can you spray OdoBan on bed?

bedding? Yes. Allow to dry before allowing pets to use treated surfaces. However, the most effective and long-lasting odor control will be accom- plished if the bedding material is washed after a 10-minute soak in OdoBan diluted to 32 ounces per gallon of water.

Is OdoBan antibacterial?

Yes, OdoBan® Disinfectant and Odor Eliminator kills 99.99% of germs on hard, non-porous, non-food contact surfaces in 60 seconds. These germs include streptococcus pyogenes (strep), escherichia coli 0157:H7 (E. Allow surface to remain wet for 60 seconds to kill viruses, and 10 minutes to kill bacteria.

Is OdoBan safe to use around dogs?

OdoBan® No Rinse Neutral pH Floor Cleaner is formulated with a naturally derived surfactant system that safely and effectively cleans all hard floors and other surfaces without harmful chemicals, making it safe for pet areas.

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