Can talking on the phone cause brain damage?

Can talking on the phone cause brain damage?

Can talking on the phone cause brain damage?

The science on smartphones is far from settled. Brain cancer, nerve damage, and various tumors have all been touted as potential negative consequences of regular mobile phone use. While no solid evidence has been found to prove it’s dangerous, this doesn’t mean there is no cause for concern.

Do phones damage your brain?

Some studies have found a possible link between cell phone use and brain tumors, while others have not. For example, several studies published by the same research group in Sweden have reported an increased risk of brain tumors in people using cell phones.

Is it bad to have your phone by your head?

It puts our health at risk due to emitted radiation Generally, mobile phones emit radiation due to transmission signal around 900MHz. Owing to this, keeping cell phones close to the head for prolonged periods can lead to headaches, muscle pains, and other complicated health issues.

Do phones affect mental health?

Cell phone usage badly affects mental health of adolescents and they look anxious, depressed and angry or sometimes commit suicide. The suicidal rate is increasing in this era. Some studies also showed a positive relation of cell phone addiction and physiological health.

Do phones make you dumber?

Neuroscience research shows that smartphones are making us stupider, less social, more forgetful, more prone to addiction, sleepless and depressed, and poor at navigation – so why are we giving them to kids? School’s out: Eighty per cent of Australians believe smartphones should be banned in classrooms.

Can sleeping next to your phone harm you?

Does sleeping next to your phone affect your sleep cycle? Yes, it can seriously mess up your sleep! Smartphones emit high levels of radiation which can cause disfunction or unbalance to your biological clock. Sleeping next to your phone can also contribute to restlessness and frequently waking up throughout the night.

Can phones cause brain cancer?

In one study that followed more than 420,000 cellphone users over a 20-year period, researchers found no evidence of a link between cellphones and brain tumors. Another study found an association between cellphones and cancer of the salivary glands.

Is there a link between cell phones and brain cancer?

The CEFALO study, an international case–control study of children diagnosed with brain cancer between ages 7 and 19, which found no relationship between their cell phone use and risk for brain cancer .

How long does it take for a cell phone to cause cancer?

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average time between first exposure to a cancer-causing agent and clinical recognition of the disease is 15 to 20 years or longer—and cell phone use in the U.S. has only been popular for about a decade.

What happens to your body when you talk on a cell phone?

Furthermore, even 10-20 minutes of continuous speaking on a cell phone resets the breathing center to lower arterial and brain CO2 levels promoting hyperventilation, tissue hypoxia and chronic diseases.

What kind of cancer can Bluetooth headphones cause?

The World Health Organization (WHO) in the last few years has classified EMF radiation, including Bluetooth, as “possibly carcinogenic”. They cited studies that showed that radio frequency radiation in the heaviest users could increase risk of certain brain cancers like glioma and acoustic neuroma by as much as 40%.

Is it true that cell phones can cause brain cancer?

Recent research suggests, however, that although short-term exposure is harmless, long-term cell phone use may be a different story.

What is the long-term effect of talking on my cell phone?

No one knows for sure what the long-term effects of cell phones on brain cells will be.

What should I do about talking on my cell phone?

Don’t throw away your cell phone away, but at least think about how much you’re on the cell phone. The safest solution is using the speaker phone option. The distance that you hold the phone away will cut the amount of energy reaching your brain by a quarter. So it’s a lot if you can pull it farther from your head.

Are there any health risks with cell phones?

Consumer Reports health and safety experts, who have long been concerned about the potential risks of cell phones and urged precautions when using them, say the new study supports that caution.