What causes high VIP levels?

What causes high VIP levels?

What causes high VIP levels?

Other known causes of elevated levels of VIP, ranging from 80 to 340 pg/mL, included other neurogenic tumors (n = 3), small- bowel resection (n = 2), inflammatory bowel disease (n = 2), chronic renal failure (n = l), and prolonged fasting (n = 1).

What does high VIP plasma mean?

Interpretation. Values above 75 pg/mL may indicate the presence of an enteropancreatic tumor causing hypersecretion of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP). Values above 200 pg/mL are strongly suggestive of VIP-producing tumors (VIPoma).

What is VIP test?

Vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) is a test that measures the amount of VIP in the blood.

How do you increase vasoactive intestinal peptides?

We have previously shown that plasma vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) is increased in normal subjects by low-frequency transcutaneous nerve stimulation. The latter may also increase short-term physical performance in athletes (running, swimming and ergometer cycling).

What does high VIP mean?

A very high level is usually caused by a VIPoma . This is an extremely rare tumor that releases VIP. VIP is a substance found in cells throughout the body. The highest levels are normally found in cells in the nervous system and gut.

How is VIPoma diagnosed?

Tests used to diagnose a VIPoma may include blood tests (including VIP level), imaging studies such as a CT scan or MRI , and examination of a stool sample. Unfortunately, even though these tumors are slow-growing, the majority of VIPomas are metastatic (have spread to other parts of the body) at the time of diagnosis.

What causes VIPoma?

The VIPoma syndrome is caused by excessive, unregulated secretion of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) by the tumor. However, other substances, such as prostaglandin E2, may occasionally be secreted by the tumors [6].

How do you treat VIPoma?

Initial treatment of VIPomas is directed toward correcting volume and electrolyte abnormalities. Octreotide acetate controls diarrhea in up to 90% of patients with VIPomas. Glucocorticoids reduce symptoms in 50%. Systemic chemotherapy may be needed in cases of unresectable or progressive disease.

What is a normal VIP level?

Normal Results Normal values should be less than 70 pg/mL (20.7 pmol/L). People with VIP-secreting tumors usually have values 3 to 10 times above the normal range.

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Is VIP a peptide?

Vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) is a 28-residue amino acid peptide first characterized in 1970 that was initially isolated from porcine duodenum 1. VIP has also been implicated in the regulation of carcinogenesis, immune responses, and circadian rhythms 7.

What do vasoactive peptides do?

Vasoactive peptides are autacoids with significant actions on vascular smooth muscle as well as other tissues. They include vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, and peptides with mixed effects. Antagonists of these peptides or the enzymes that produce them have useful clinical properties.

What is VIP disease?

A vipoma is a non-beta pancreatic islet cell tumor secreting vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP), resulting in a syndrome of watery diarrhea, hypokalemia, and achlorhydria (WDHA syndrome). Diagnosis is by serum VIP levels. Tumor is localized with CT and endoscopic ultrasound. Treatment is surgical resection.

What is VIPoma syndrome?

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What stimulates the release of VIP?

VIP/PACAP and diabetes As mentioned above, vagal stimulation increases the release of PACAP and VIP in pancreatic islets, suggesting that PACAP and VIP modulate insulin secretion from β cells through the activation of cognate receptors.

What does VIP peptide do?

Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) is a neuropeptide that functions as a neuromodulator and neurotransmitter. It is a potent vasodilator, regulates smooth muscle activity, epithelial cell secretion, and blood flow in the gastrointestinal tract [1-3].

Is VIP a GI hormone?

Vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP), a gut peptide hormone originally reported as a vasodilator in 1970, has multiple physiological and pathological effects on development, growth, and the control of neuronal, epithelial, and endocrine cell functions that in turn regulate ion secretion, nutrient absorption, gut …

Is VIP a hormone?

A hormone found in the pancreas, intestine, and central nervous system. It has many actions in the body, such as helping to control the secretion of water, salts, enzymes, and gastric acid during digestion. It also causes smooth muscles in the digestive tract, the heart, and the blood vessels to relax.