What happened Jonny Grant?

What happened Jonny Grant?

What happened Jonny Grant?

Jonathan “Jonny” Grant was a passenger in a car accident on March 17, 2017, in Raleigh as he and a friend were trying to respond to offer assistance in the huge fire in downtown Raleigh. Jonny suffered a severe brain injury called diffuse axonal injury (DAI) leaving him in a coma.

Can an accident or injury be life changing?

Life-changing injuries can be caused by other people, accidentally or intentionally. Occasionally a minor injury could become life-changing even after medical treatment.

What happened to Laura Browning grant husband?

ABOUT LAURA B GRANT Her focus has been as a caregiver for her husband, Jon, who sadly was injured in a car accident in 2017. Despite the tough plight, Laura powers through because she believes in Jon’s dedication to his recovery.

Can old injuries come back?

Old injuries can linger around, causing pain for decades. That’s because they create compensation in your muscular system, increasing your chances of getting injured again or developing arthritis. Treat the problem early, but if you can’t, treat it late. Physical therapy is effective in either case.

Who is Laura Browning Grant?

Laura Browning Grant, discovered Pilates while still in high school. With a background in gymnastics, cheerleading, swimming, springboard diving, yoga and tennis, Pilates fit naturally into her personal style of exercise. Now 13 years later, Laura loves to share her knowledge to others through teaching teachers.

What is axonal shearing?

Diffuse axonal injury is the shearing (tearing) of the brain’s long connecting nerve fibers (axons) that happens when the brain is injured as it shifts and rotates inside the bony skull. DAI usually causes coma and injury to many different parts of the brain.

How an accident can change your life?

Lasting emotional impact – Experiencing a car accident can also have a lasting emotional impact that many don’t prepare for. From a parent to a friend, to a spouse, losing a loved one as part of a car accident may cause lasting trauma, depression, PTSD, and anxiety for the duration of one’s life.

What is a Grade 3 DAI?

Grade 3: A severe diffuse axonal injury with finding as Grade 2 and additional focal lesions in the brainstem.