What is chiller rupture disc?

What is chiller rupture disc?

What is chiller rupture disc?

Also known as a burst disc, a burst diaphragm, or a pressure safety disc; a rupture disk is a non-reclosing relief device which is used to protect a pressure vessel such as a condenser or absorption chiller from overpressurization, or possibly damaging vacuum conditions.

Where is the lowest access point on a low-pressure?


The lowest access point on a low pressure centrifugal air conditioner is the _______. evaporating charging valve
If a system is not fully evacuated, _________. compressor head pressure can rise

Where is the lowest access point on a low-pressure centrifugal AC appliance?

evaporator charging valve
The evaporator charging valve is the lowest access point on all centrifugal chillers and air-conditioning appliances.

What is the typical design burst pressure for a ruptured disc on a low-pressure centrifugal air-conditioning system?

The typical design burst pressure of a rupture disc on a low-pressure centrifugal air-conditioning system is set at 15 psi.

What is the function of bursting disc?

A rupture disk, also known as a pressure safety disc, burst disc, bursting disc, or burst diaphragm, is a non-reclosing pressure relief safety device that, in most uses, protects a pressure vessel, equipment or system from overpressurization or potentially damaging vacuum conditions.

Why rupture disc is used in condenser?

Rupture discs To prevent an incorrect pressure differential from existing, the space between the disc and the valve must be maintained at atmospheric pressure. A rupture disc is usually designed to relieve at 1.5 times the maximum allowable working pressure of the vessel.

What indicates air in a low pressure system?

A low pressure system has lower pressure at its center than the areas around it. Winds blow towards the low pressure, and the air rises in the atmosphere where they meet. As the air rises, the water vapor within it condenses, forming clouds and often precipitation.

What should be on and what should be off during vapor?

During vapor removal from a low pressure refrigeration system; the system water pumps, the recovery compressor, and the recovery condenser water should all be on.

How do you specify a ruptured disc?

What must be observed when selecting a rupture disc?

  1. The system to be protected and process particularities.
  2. Burst pressure.
  3. Burst temperature.
  4. Permissible overpressure or vakuum.
  5. Process medium.
  6. Working pressure (operating pressure)
  7. Vacuum resistance.
  8. Pulsation.

What is a bursting disc in an air compressor?

A bursting disc is a copper disc provided at the air cooler of the compressor. It is a safety disc which bursts when the pressure exceeds over the pre-determined value due to leaky air tubes of the cooler (intercooler or aftercooler).

Where are rupture discs used?

Rupture disks are commonly used in petrochemical, aerospace, aviation, defense, medical, railroad, nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and oil field applications.

What can you say about air pressure when temperature was low?

If air pressure decreases, the temperature decreases. It also explains why air gets colder at higher altitudes, where pressure is lower.

Is Rain high or low pressure?

Generally high pressure means fair weather, and low pressure means rain.

When recovery is first started at what phase?


Question Answer
6. When recovery is first started, at what phase is the refrigerant removed to save recovery time, C. Liquid phase
7. Where must you connect the hose in order to recover liquid refrigerant, C. Liquid line

What is typical advantage of water cooled recovery unit?

Water-Cooled Recovery Units are most common while recovering refrigerant from a chiller system. The advantages of these units are: Faster Recovery. A large amount of refrigerant can be recovered easily and quickly.

What is main part of compressor?

Important parts of a reciprocating air compressor are as follows:

  • Cylinder Head,
  • Suction/ Intake valve,
  • Delivery valve,
  • Cylinder liner/ Wall/ cooling water jacket,
  • Compressor casing,
  • Crank case,
  • Piston,
  • Connecting rod,

What are the types of rupture disk?

Types of Rupture Discs

Disc Size Range Process Media
Disc SHX* Higher Pressure Applications Cross Scored, Forward Acting Size Range 1.5-2 in. DN40-50 Process Media Liquid/Vapor/Gas
Disc LO-V Superior Opening Bi-Directional Size Range 3-8 in. DN80-200 Process Media Vapor/Gas