What is clinical correlation mean?

What is clinical correlation mean?

What is clinical correlation mean?

In a brain MRI report, the following words often appear: “clinical correlation is recommended”. These words signify that inadequate clinical information was provided, or that an unexpected finding on the MRI should be assessed clinically.

What is radiological correlation?

Radiographic correlation is an essential adjunct for the accurate diagnosis of orthopedic lesions, yet it is a skill neglected by pathologists.

What is breast ultrasound correlation?

Background and purpose: Ultrasound has been used successfully to differentiate benign and malignant breast lesions. The aim of this study was to investigate the correlation between ultrasound and prognostic indicators in breast cancer such as histological type, tumor grade, and biological markers.

What is Clinico Radiological?

Clinico-radiological correlation of magnetic resonance imaging findings in patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension. Neuroradiology.

What are clinical conditions?

Clinical conditions include conditions that look like diseases but are not; conditions that are diseases but that (currently) have no diagnostic criteria; and other types, including those relating to risk for disease (Tresker, 2020).

What does histologic correlation mean?

Simply put, CH correlation is the process by which cytologic and histologic interpretations are compared, generally from the same anatomic site, to determine whether they are concordant or discordant.

What is pathological correlation?

In a broad sense, pathological disturbance can affect both body and mind and create an imbalanced environment where skin conditions or disease are likely to manifest. Clinico-pathological correlation is the surest means of treating disease during the early stages of development.

What does clinicopathological correlation mean?

A clinicopathological correlation (CPC) can be described as an objective summary and correlation of clinical findings with gross and microscopic findings and with the results of other studies performed at autopsy, to describe the death and elucidate the sequence of events leading to death33.

What is a clinical condition example?

Examples include a person in the early stages or with a silent state of myasthenia gravis, type 2 diabetes, AD, Huntington disease, or any other disease wherein the pathophysiological processes begin years in advance of clinical presentation.

What defines the clinical disease state?

Clinical disease: A disease that has recognizable clinical signs and symptoms, as distinct from a subclinical illness, which lacks detectable signs and symptoms.

What is cytological correlation?

Cytologic-histologic (CH) correlation is a method of medical error detection1 that is used most frequently by cytopathology personnel to evaluate failures in cytologic screening or diagnostic tests.

What does complexity level 4 biopsy mean?

Examination of complexity level 4 biopsy material with 1 or more tissue blocks, including specimen dissection, all tissue processing, staining, light microscopy and professional opinion or opinions – 2 to 4 separately identified specimens (Item is subject to rule 13)