What is the closest meaning of the word reputable?

What is the closest meaning of the word reputable?

What is the closest meaning of the word reputable?

: respected and trusted by most people : having a good reputation.

What is non reputable?

nonreputable (comparative more nonreputable, superlative most nonreputable) That lacks reputation; with unknown reputation.

What does reputable mean in a sentence?

held in good repute; honorable; respectable; estimable: a reputable organization. considered to be good or acceptable usage; standard: reputable speech.

Is Merriam Webster reputable?

Merriam-Webster is a wonderful and reliable source for information. The Spelling Bee Hive — a section about the National Spelling Bee — the age-appropriate games, the vocabulary quizzes, and the Word of the Day will be of particular interest to kids.

Does reputable mean trustworthy?

A reputable company or person is reliable and trustworthy.

Can you say reputable reputation?

rep·u·ta·ble adj. Having a good reputation; honorable.

What are some non credible sources?


  • Book.
  • Newspapers and magazines.
  • Peer reviewed journals.
  • Peer reviewed articles.
  • PhD or MBA dissertations and research.
  • Public library.
  • Scholarly articles.

    What is meant by non repudiation?

    Definition(s): Assurance that the sender of information is provided with proof of delivery and the recipient is provided with proof of the sender’s identity, so neither can later deny having processed the information.

    What does catholicity mean?

    1 capitalized : the character of being in conformity with a Catholic church. 2a : liberality of sentiments or views catholicity of viewpoint— W. V. O’Connor. b : universality. c : comprehensive range catholicity of topics.

    What is the most reliable dictionary?

    The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is widely regarded as the accepted authority on the English language. It is an unsurpassed guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of 600,000 words— past and present—from across the English-speaking world.

    What is the difference between reputed and reputable?

    As adjectives the difference between reputable and reputed is that reputable is having a good reputation; honourable while reputed is pertaining to a reputation accorded to another.

    What is reputable damage?

    Reputational damage is the realisation of any source of reputation risk facing an organisation or an individual. Reputational damage often results from a gap between what a company says and what it is perceived to have done.

    What is the most reputable company?

    The graph shows the most reputable companies worldwide as first quarter of 2018. The source found that Rolex was the most reputable company, followed by LEGO and Google….Most reputable companies worldwide in 2018.

    Characteristic Index score on a 0 to 100 scale
    Google 77.7
    Canon 77.4
    The Walt Disney Company 77.4
    Sony 77.3

    What does reputable damage mean?

    What are examples of non-repudiation?

    The following are illustrative examples of non-repudiation.

    • Notary. It is common for the signing of legal documents to be witnessed by a licensed notary.
    • Forensic Science. A handwriting expert may be used by a legal service as a means of non-repudiation of signatures.
    • Authentication.
    • Audit Trail.
    • Digital Signatures.

    What are some examples of non-repudiation techniques?

    For example, if you take a pen and sign a (legal) contract your signature is a nonrepudiation device. You cannot later disagree to the terms of the contract or refute ever taking party to the agreement.

    What is an example of Catholicity?

    broad-mindedness or liberality, as of tastes, interests, or views. universality; general inclusiveness. (initial capital letter) the Roman Catholic Church, or its doctrines and usages.