What is the solution for dry eyes?

What is the solution for dry eyes?

What is the solution for dry eyes?

Artificial tears eye drops For mild cases of dry eyes caused by computer use, reading, schoolwork and other situational causes, the best dry eye treatment may simply be frequent use of artificial tears or other lubricating eye drops. Artificial tears usually are the first step in dry eye treatment.

How can I quickly rehydrate my eyes?

Tips to Keep Your Eyes Hydrated

  1. Use artificial tears throughout the day if you are prone to dry eyes.
  2. Remember to blink when you use your computer, read, or play video games.
  3. Use a humidifier in your home during the fall and winter to keep the air moist.
  4. Stay away from cigarette smoke, which tends to dry out your eyes.

How can I hydrate my eye skin?

Keep reading for precautions you can take so ensure the skin around the eyes stay hydrated, plump, and healthy:

  1. Drink lots of water.
  2. Avoid hot water on your face.
  3. Stay away from harsh products.
  4. Always use sunscreen.
  5. Layer your products.
  6. Be gentle.
  7. Visit a dermatologist.

How can I moisturize my eye area?

Washing off your cleanser with hot water and taking hot showers can strip the eye area of essential oils. Instead, wash your face with lukewarm or cool water, before moisturising as soon as your skin is properly dry. Use cotton pads soaked with some soothing eye lotion if you don’t want to wash your eyes with water.

Can Vaseline be used as eye cream?

We recommend applying Vaseline┬« Jelly on eyelids because some regular moisturizers and creams are not always safe to use on the eye area. The skin around the eyes is much more sensitive to irritants, so it’s best to use a hypoallergenic product that contains pure ingredients.

Is coconut oil good for eyes?

Virgin coconut oil is great for those with dry eyes, as it creates a protective layer over the tear film layers, resulting in reduced evaporation. Furthermore, coconut oil has antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, anti-parasitic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

What can I use instead of eye cream?

Find these natural ingredients at home, in your cupboard or fridge

  • Freeze coffee ice cubes.
  • Use green tea bags.
  • Take vitamin E capsules.
  • Mix in some vitamin K.
  • Soothe with coconut oil.
  • Lock moisture in with olive oil.
  • Depuff with aloe vera.
  • Massage with arnica oil.