What organ is on your right side lower back?

What organ is on your right side lower back?

What organ is on your right side lower back?

The kidneys are located on either side of the spine, under the ribcage. The right kidney hangs a little lower than the left, making it even more likely to cause lower back pain if it’s infected, irritated, or inflamed. Common kidney problems include kidney stones and kidney infection.

What causes pain on the right side of the back?

Possible causes of lower back pain on the right side include sprains and strains, kidney stones, infections, and conditions that affect the intestines or reproductive organs.

When to worry about lower right back pain?

It’s possible for even severe back pain to be confined to just one side of the back. When the pain is entirely on the lower right side, it may suggest a specific type of injury or illness, and it’s important to have it examined. Low back pain is also called lumbago or sciatica. Common characteristics of lower right back pain

What causes sharp pain in the lower back?

However, larger stones may cause blockages that can lead to sharp pain in one or both sides of the lower back. This pain may radiate to the groin and lower abdomen.

What causes sharp pain on right side of stomach?

Appendicitis. The symptoms can begin with a pain in the belly or in the upper abdomen, which then moves to the lower right-hand side. Because of this, touching the area will cause a sharp pain. You may also experience nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, or diarrhoea, in which case you must go to the hospital immediately.

What causes pain in the lower right part of your back?

Old age, wear and tear, or trauma to your lower right back are common sources of lower right back pain. Your lower back is under daily strain from performing tasks, walking, or taking part in strenuous activity. Over time, this can cause small fractures in the vertebrae in the back or cause micro tears in back muscles.

Why does my lower right side hurts?

Common causes of lower back pain on the right side include things such as strained muscles, tendons or ligaments from trauma or overuse. As stress continues, these areas are more prone to injury. Improper posture and bad sleeping posture can also lead to pain in the lower right back.

What causes pain in the right back?

The most prominent of all the causes of lower right back pain and back pain, in general, is a muscle strain. Muscle strain can be caused by several different ways. Lifting something and you weren’t in the correct stance to lift is a common way.

What causes right side aches?

Pancreatitis can cause pain on the right side of the body. The pancreas gland plays a vital role in digestion and in insulin and glucagon production. Appendicitis, the inflammation of the appendix, is one cause of right side pain. Inflammatory bowel disease can cause right side aches.