Where should I go in Northern Ireland today?

Where should I go in Northern Ireland today?

Where should I go in Northern Ireland today?

The most popular places to go in Northern Ireland

  • 1 – The Giants Causeway.
  • 2 – The Dark Hedges.
  • 3 – Cuilcagh Mountain.
  • 4 – Dunluce Castle.
  • 5 – Dery City Walls.
  • 6 – The Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge.
  • 7 – The Crumlin Road Gaol.
  • 8 – Mussenden Temple.

What is the most visited place in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland top tourism attractions revealed

  • Northern Ireland’s most visited and least popular tourist destinations last year have been revealed.
  • The Giant’s Causeway came top, with 790,000 visits, followed by Titanic Belfast (630,000), the Ulster Museum (470,000) and Derry’s Walls (370,000).

What is special about Northern Ireland?

1. The Giant’s Causeway. Famed around the world for its columns of layered basalt, the Giant’s Causeway is Northern Ireland’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site. These polygonal-shaped natural features (there are around 40,000 of them) were created by a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago.

Where is the best place to live in Northern Ireland?

The top 3 places to live in Northern Ireland this year are Holywood, Strangford Lough area and Magherafelt.

Is Northern Ireland scenic?

From its coastal views and bucket-list drives to its gorgeous greenery and majestic mountains, Northern Ireland is every bit as gorgeous as the Republic.

What can you do on a rainy day in Northern Ireland?

Rainy Days in Belfast

  • Ulster Museum. A top, free attraction in Belfast, the Ulster Museum captures the imaginations of old and young visitors alike.
  • Dundonald International Icebowl.
  • Ulster Transport Museum.
  • Exploris Aquarium.
  • Lost City Adventure Golf.
  • Thunder Park.
  • Belfast Cathedral.

    Is it dangerous to visit Northern Ireland?

    Northern Ireland is extremely safe for tourists to visit. When political crime does happen, it is usually inter-communal violence or crime committed by paramilitaries which are never directed towards tourists. Indeed, there hasn’t been any indication of foreigners or tourist areas being targeted by terrorists.

    What food is Northern Ireland famous for?

    10 Foods and Drinks You Must Try in Northern Ireland

    • Irish breakfast.
    • Whiskey.
    • Soda bread.
    • Traditional Irish stew.
    • Irish oysters.
    • Yellowman candy.
    • Champ.
    • Kearney Blue cheese.

    Is it worth going to Northern Ireland?

    Northern Ireland is worth visiting. I have had many enjoyable visits. Some of scenery is outstanding. There are several mountain ranges.

    What is the nicest part of Belfast?

    Best Neighborhoods In Belfast For Millennials

    • Stranmillis. It’s a popular destination for university students, but it isn’t filled with your average dorm-style accommodation.
    • Botanic Avenue.
    • Lower Malone Road.
    • East Bridge Street.
    • Ormeau Road.
    • Holywood.

    Where can I base myself in Northern Ireland?

    As i have a large family in Northern Ireland i believe you would be best to base yourself in Derry/Londonderry. You will be close to the border(Donegal) and Derry itself has plenty to do,shops,sites,history etc.

    Where is beautiful in Northern Ireland?

    Mourne Mountains, County Down The Mourne Mountains is a granite mountain range located in the south-east of Northern Ireland. The surrounding landscape is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and planned to be the first National Park in Northern Ireland (there are no national parks so far).

    What can you do in Belfast for free?

    Free Things to Do in Belfast

    • Ulster Museum.
    • Botanic Gardens.
    • Dome at Victoria Square.
    • Big Fish.
    • Titanic Trail.
    • Discover Ulster Scots.
    • Belfast Free Walking Tour.
    • NI Music Exhibition at Oh Yeah Music Centre.

    What can you do on a wet Sunday?

    22 Actually Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day

    • Get your learning on at a museum.
    • Have a spa day.
    • Sign up for a cooking class.
    • Finally organize your life.
    • Have a themed movie marathon.
    • Drink and play games at a barcade.
    • Throw it back and head to the mall.
    • Get baked.

    Is Londonderry dangerous?

    Crime in Londonderry Londonderry is the 23rd safest county in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Out of all of Londonderry’s larger towns and cities, Derry City is the most dangerous. The next most dangerous is Limavady, and Portstewart comes in as third most dangerous.

    What is the national drink of Northern Ireland?

    Irish whiskey
    Northern Ireland : Irish whiskey. Scotland : Scotch whisky, particularly Single malt whisky is considered the national drink of Scotland. Wales : Welsh whisky.

    What is the national dish of Ireland?

    Irish Stew
    Irish Stew is a thick, hearty dish of mutton, potatoes, and onions and undisputedly the national dish of Ireland. Within the dish are many of the ingredients synonymous with the island, potatoes being one of the most recognized.

    Should I visit Dublin or Belfast?

    When it comes to affordability, Belfast is the winner hands-down. In the last decade, Dublin has become a hub of international business and this is reflected in the price tag of day-to-day goods. While Belfast is certainly also a city on the up, the cost of living is significantly cheaper than in Dublin.