How can I help my teen with Aspergers make friends?

How can I help my teen with Aspergers make friends?

How can I help my teen with Aspergers make friends?

You can also support him making friends by persisting in exposing him to new social opportunities that ideally match his interests and facilitating him making contact with or visiting any potential friends. If he is open to the idea, you can also coach him in the social skills needed to make friends.

How does autism affect friendships?

Social interactions can be baffling for people on the autism spectrum. They may become easily overwhelmed or frustrated when they try to develop and sustain friendships. Making friends can be frightening, confusing and anxiety-provoking for people with autism.

How do teens learn social skills with Aspergers?

Some ways in which you may look into educating them could include the following:

  1. Social stories. Set up scenarios and tell your teen stories to help them better understand why we act a certain way or how to handle certain interactions.
  2. Play acting or peer modeling.
  3. Books and videos.

How do you discipline a child with Aspergers?

How to Correct Problem Behavior

  1. REFRAME. Your interpretation of the “why” behind the behavior might be increasing your own anger… and it might be wrong.
  2. RESEARCH. Look for patterns to see what your child might be trying to say.
  3. REINFORCE & PUNISH. Behaviors have consequences.
  4. REPEAT.

Do Aspergers have friends?

As regards to the choice of a friend, there is an expectation among their peers of choosing someone of the same sex, age, and values; social conventions not readily recognised by the child with Asperger’s Syndrome. He may have several friends, including girls who are kind and sociable.

Can a child with Aspergers be social?

Generally, children and teens with Asperger’s Syndrome can speak with others and can perform fairly well in their school work. However, they have trouble understanding social situations and subtle forms of communication like body language, humor and sarcasm.

What are the traits of Aspergers?

Common symptoms of Asperger’s that may impact social interaction or communication include:

  • Problems making or maintaining friendships.
  • Isolation or minimal interaction in social situations.
  • Poor eye contact or the tendency to stare at others.
  • Trouble interpreting gestures.
  • Inability to recognize humor, irony, and sarcasm.