How do you react if others make you wait?

How do you react if others make you wait?

How do you react if others make you wait?

How do you react of others make you wait? Answer: “Oh! It’s OK”.

How do I write waiting for response in mail?

7 Alternatives to “I Look Forward to Hearing From You”

  1. 1 Use a call-to-action.
  2. 2 I’m eager to receive your feedback.
  3. 3 I appreciate your quick response.
  4. 4 Always happy to hear from you.
  5. 5 Keep me informed . . .
  6. 6 I await your immediate response.
  7. 7 Write soon!

What to do if someone keeps you waiting?

What you do when someone makes you wait determines what kind of relationship you are going to have.

  1. #1. Prevention: Meet at Your Convenience.
  2. #2. Start Without Them.
  3. #3. Busy Yourself.
  4. #4. Even The Scores: Let Them Wait.
  5. #5. Assertively Call Them Out On It.
  6. #6. Let Them Pay.
  7. #7. Cut Them Loose.

How do you make people wait?

How Do You Politely Tell Someone To Wait?

  1. Using “Hold on please” is the safest phrase to tell someone to wait.
  2. How long does a moment exactly mean?
  3. This is a very safe answer to people who have to wait.
  4. But don’t put that person on hold for more than 20 minutes because this won’t be an appropriate response anymore.

How do you politely say I’ll be waiting?

How Do You Say Politely I Am Waiting For Your Reply?

  1. Using “Look forward”
  2. 2. “
  3. 3. “
  4. Use a call-to-action.
  5. “Always happy to hear from you / Always happy to see your reply soon.”
  6. Using the phrase “I expect to hear from you soon.”
  7. Use the phrase” Please respond at your earliest convenience.”

Why you should never wait for someone?

Waiting for someone is not a sign of strength or loyalty, it’s a sign of denial and ignoring what you already know to be true. You will continue putting them on a pedestal they don’t even know they’re on, you will continue investing your all on nothing.