How much does Orif ankle surgery cost?

How much does Orif ankle surgery cost?

How much does Orif ankle surgery cost?

Patient demographics, fracture characteristics, outcomes, and cost data were collected and analyzed. There were 567 total ORIF and 28 ORIF and scope included for cost analysis purposes. Total surgical costs averaged $6,537.62 and $6,886.46 for the ORIF only and ORIF and scope procedures respectively.

How much does ankle tendon repair surgery cost?

On MDsave, the cost of an Ankle Ligament Repair or Reconstruction ranges from $6,282 to $12,821.

How much does it cost to have an ankle fusion?

Table 4

Procedure Average cost Incremental cost ($)
Ankle fusion $7900
TAA $28,000 $20,200

What is the success rate of ankle replacement surgery?

Total ankle replacement with newer types of prosthesis yields good to very good intermediate-term and long-term results, with mean success rates of up to 90% at 10 years (range, 68–100%).

How soon can you walk after ankle replacement?

It can take a full year for you to walk like you used to and get back to most of your activities. Eventually, you should be able to swim, hike, and bike. Avoid high-impact activities like running or contact sports, which can damage the new ankle. Most of the newer replacements last 10 years or more.

How long does an artificial ankle last?

How long do ankle replacement implants last? In 90% of cases, the replacement lasts 10 years. Usually, they will last even longer, but in some cases, the implant may fail in less than 10 years. Ankle replacements can loosen over time.

How bad is a trimalleolar fracture?

A trimalleolar fracture is a serious injury that will dramatically reduce a person’s mobility and quality of life while the injury heals. It is essential that people help with their rehabilitation by undertaking physical therapy and doing home exercises to strengthen the ankle.