Is chemotherapy bad for babies?

Is chemotherapy bad for babies?

Is chemotherapy bad for babies?

A class of chemo drugs called anthracyclines, which are used to treat many childhood cancers, can damage the heart muscle or affect its rhythm. The amount of damage is related to the total dose of the drug given and the child’s age at the time of treatment.

What age can you get chemotherapy?

Both adults and kids can get cancer. No matter what age a person is, chemotherapy (also called chemo) may be used to treat the cancer. Sometimes people need to stay in the hospital to get chemo. But often, a person can just come to the hospital or doctor’s office for treatment and go home afterward.

When should you not do chemotherapy?

Cancer treatment is at its most effective the first time that it’s used. If you’ve undergone three or more chemotherapy treatments for your cancer and the tumors continue to grow or spread, it may be time for you to consider stopping chemotherapy.

How long after chemo does your body get back to normal?

Most people say it takes 6 to 12 months after they finish chemotherapy before they truly feel like themselves again. Read the resource Managing Cognitive Changes: Information for Cancer Survivors for more information about managing chemo brain.

How can I help my son with chemo?


  1. Keep a bag of snacks and drinks for you and your child.
  2. Keep hard candies available.
  3. Encourage frequent sips of liquids to keep the mouth moist and keep your child hydrated.
  4. Bring plastic utensils because chemotherapy can cause a weird metallic taste, eating with metal utensils can enhance this.

Does chemo shorten life expectancy?

During the 3 decades, the proportion of survivors treated with chemotherapy alone increased (from 18% in 1970-1979 to 54% in 1990-1999), and the life expectancy gap in this chemotherapy-alone group decreased from 11.0 years (95% UI, 9.0-13.1 years) to 6.0 years (95% UI, 4.5-7.6 years).