Is Optifast safe to use?

Is Optifast safe to use?

Is Optifast safe to use?

OPTIFAST VLCD is accepted as being a safe form of weight loss with only minor, transient side effects being observed.

Is Optifast recommended by doctors?

Medical supervision We recommend that OPTIFAST VLCD be taken under the supervision of a healthcare professional such as a Pharmacist, Doctor, Specialist or Accredited Practising Dietitian.

Can you survive on Optifast?

Obesity Diets Prescription liquid shakes such as Medifast and Optifast are balanced shakes used for quick weight loss. The shakes provide all necessary nutrients, so you can survive on them, without any additional food intake.

Is Optifast bad for kidneys?

Patients with acute renal disease are not suitable for the OPTIFAST VLCD Program, as they may need decreased or increased intakes of potassium, sodium and fluids. OPTIFAST VLCD is also contraindicated for patients in a catabolic state.

What shake is comparable to optifast?

Medifast Overview Just like Optifast, Medifast is another leading band of meal replacements. But what sets it apart is that Medifast does not require medical supervision while on the program and also serves a more targeted population that do not specifically struggle with obesity unlike Optifast does.

Why is optifast not suitable for over 65?

Age >65 years The OPTIFAST VLCD Program Intensive level is not recommended for use in persons over the age of 65 years, as metabolic and physiologic adaptations to intensive diets are decreased.

Is optifast safe for liver?

Conclusion: This study has demonstrated that a 6 week diet with Optifast VLCD results in significant related reductions in liver size and liver fat content. This suggests that the reduction in liver volume is due to loss of fat.

Can I do Optifast on my own?

You don’t have to do it alone – there’s a whole level of support to help you on your weight loss journey with the OPTIFAST VLCD online support.

What is comparable to Optifast?

Medifast and Ideal Protein are similar to Optifast and promote weight loss through optimal protein, low-calorie meal plans. Each has differences that may make one better for your particular needs.