Is upper cervical chiropractic legitimate?

Is upper cervical chiropractic legitimate?

Is upper cervical chiropractic legitimate?

Are upper cervical adjustments dangerous? No, upper cervical adjustments are not dangerous. Upper cervical chiropractic comes with very few risks when administered by a credentialed doctor of chiropractic. The most commonly reported side effect of upper cervical adjustments is muscle soreness.

Can Chiropractors treat cervical instability?

Upper cervical chiropractic care is very effective at stabilizing the spine after macro traumas and micro traumas a like, so if you are struggling with debilitating neck symptoms, give your local Upper Cervical Chiropractic office a call.

What is the best upper cervical technique?

NUCCA, which stands for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, is a technique that focuses on the unique anatomy of the upper cervical spine. It is a safe and painless way to realign the entire spine with a precise upper cervical adjustment.

How does a chiropractor adjust your atlas?

To adjust your atlas, we use an Atlas Orthogonal Precision Adjusting Instrument. This instrument may sound intimidating, but it’s actually completely painless – literally, you won’t feel a thing. You simply lie on your side and the doctor places the tip of the instrument just below your earlobe.

What is the difference between Nucca and Atlas Orthogonal?

What is the Difference Between NUCCA and Atlas Orthogonal? The biggest difference between the two techniques is simple: Atlas orthogonists always use an adjusting instrument to ensure spinal alignment. NUCCA specialists, on the other hand, use their hands to realign your spinal cord.

What is the difference between Nucca and atlas Orthogonal?

Is atlas Orthogonal quackery?

Atlas Orthogonal is a safe, gentle method of treating neck pain and spinal misalignment. Through precise x-rays, the exact misalignment of the spine is determined.

How do you keep atlas aligned?

One way to maintain atlas alignment is to watch your head and pay attention to your posture at all times. You should also avoid tilting the head to the other side during adjustment because if you tilt the head so that the Atlas is higher, the setting is reversed, and you press it to the higher side.

How do you treat cervical neck instability?

There are a number of treatment modalities for the management of chronic neck pain and cervical instability, including injection therapy, nerve blocks, mobilization, manipulation, alternative medicine, behavioral therapy, fusion, and pharmacologic agents such as NSAIDs and opiates.

How do you fix upper cervical instability?

Some treatments that are commonly implemented for the relief of cervical instability symptoms include:

  1. Injection therapy.
  2. Physical manipulation.
  3. Joint stabilization.
  4. Physical therapy.
  5. Fusion surgery.
  6. Medical therapy.

How is atlas misalignment treated?

The Atlas Orthogonal adjustment is a safe, painless spinal correction procedure that restores balance to the body and improves body function through correct atlas vertebra alignment.