What does 5 non rib bearing lumbar type vertebrae mean?

What does 5 non rib bearing lumbar type vertebrae mean?

What does 5 non rib bearing lumbar type vertebrae mean?

replied 12 years ago ago. That means that there are 5 (the normal number) of lumbar vertebrae. This is NORMAL. It means that you don’t have any extra bones in your lower back and it means that you do not have any of your thoracic vertebrae without ribs (as is seen in some patients) Family Physician, Doctor (MD)

How many non rib bearing lumbar vertebrae are there?

We defined normal counts as 12 thoracic (rib-bearing) and five lumbar (non-rib-bearing) vertebrae.

What are the 5 lumbar vertebrae?

It consists of 5 bones, from the top down, L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5. The lumbar vertebrae are, in human anatomy, the five vertebrae between the rib cage and the pelvis.

Do lumbar vertebrae have ribs?

A lumbar rib manifested as a rudimentary or “extra” rib arising in the lumbar region occurs in roughly 1 % of the population. In the literature, these ribs have also frequently been referred to as gorilla ribs with gorillas also having only four lumbar vertebrae.

What is 5 non rib bearing?

In the normal spine, there are five non-rib-bearing lumbar vertebra above the sacrum. People who possess four non-rib-bearing lumbar vertebra are considered to have sacralization of the L5 vertebra. People who possess six non-rib-bearing lumbar vertebra are considered to have lumbarization of the S1 vertebral body.

How common is a sixth lumbar vertebra?

Having a sixth lumbar vertebrae in your spine is uncommon, but far from extraordinary. About 10% of the population has an extra bone in this region. While additional vertebrae don’t typically affect your health, they can complicate treatment for spinal cord injuries.

What is a non rib bearing lumbar vertebrae?

How common are lumbar ribs?

Lumbar (or 13th) ribs are a rare anatomical variant and represent transitional vertebrae at the thoracolumbar junction with a prevalence of ~1% 1. It presents as an additional rib coming off T13 or L1 (depending on numbering classification) and may be unilateral or bilateral.

What is the lumbar vertebrae protected by?

The spinal cord is protected by bones, discs, ligaments, and muscles. The spine is made of 33 bones called vertebrae. The spinal cord passes through a hole in the center (called the spinal canal) of each vertebra. Between the vertebrae there are discs that act as cushions, or shock absorbers for the spine.

What does Sacralization mean?

Sacralization is a condition where the base of your spine has fused to the top of your pelvis. Your bottom vertebra is called the F5 lumbar vertebra. It’s joined to your sacrum, the upper ridge of your pelvis, in a way that allows free movement. There’s usually a disc between your bottom vertebra and your pelvic bone.