What does a wrinkle on the retina mean?

What does a wrinkle on the retina mean?

What does a wrinkle on the retina mean?

A wrinkle in the retina is another name for an epiretinal membrane (ERM). An ERM develops from the growth of scar tissue across the surface of the retina in the macular area. This relatively clear scar tissue can contract and cause the retina to wrinkle. This can result in distorted or blurred vision.

Can retina be damaged during cataract surgery?

The majority of pseudophakic retinal detachments occur during the first year after cataract surgery. Patients may present with symptoms of floaters, flashes of light, and visual field defects. Fundus examination typically reveals small anteriorly located horseshoe tears with an associated retinal detachment.

Can a wrinkle in the retina be repaired?

In most cases, surgery for macular pucker can improve vision, but does not bring it back to normal. Most people are able to regain about half of the vision they lost from a macular pucker. Some people have much more vision restored, some less. In most cases, surgery can help with vision distortion.

Can you go blind from macular pucker?

Vision loss from a macular pucker can vary from no loss to severe loss, although severe vision loss is uncommon. People with a macular pucker may notice that their vision is blurry or mildly distorted, and straight lines can appear wavy. They may have difficulty in seeing fine detail and reading small print.

How fast does macular pucker progress?

On average, about half of the vision lost from a macular pucker is restored; some people have significantly more vision restored, some less. In most cases, vision distortion is significantly reduced. Recovery of vision can take up to three months.

How long does macular pucker surgery take?

The operation time for an epiretinal membrane/macular pucker surgery usually ranges from 20 to 30 minutes, but this is not an indication of how well the operation has gone. If your surgery is combined with a cataract extraction, your surgery may take up to 15 minutes longer.