What does cerebellar ataxia feel like?

What does cerebellar ataxia feel like?

What does cerebellar ataxia feel like?

Symptoms of Ataxia Unsteady gait, staggering, tripping, falling, unsteadiness on stairs or maintaining balance on moving platforms, such as escalators or boats. These difficulties are often due to cerebellar dysfunction.

How do you know if you have cerebellar ataxia?

What are the symptoms of acute cerebellar ataxia?

  1. impaired coordination in the torso or arms and legs.
  2. frequent stumbling.
  3. an unsteady gait.
  4. uncontrolled or repetitive eye movements.
  5. trouble eating and performing other fine motor tasks.
  6. slurred speech.
  7. vocal changes.
  8. headaches.

Can ataxia symptoms come and go?

Cerebellar ataxia can come and go or get progressively worse over time. Treatment of cerebellar ataxia is based on the underlying problem that caused it.

Does cerebellar ataxia show up on MRI?

An MRI can sometimes show shrinkage of the cerebellum and other brain structures in people with ataxia. It may also show other treatable findings, such as a blood clot or benign tumor, that could be pressing on your cerebellum.

How long do people with cerebellar ataxia live?

The symptoms of Friedreich’s ataxia usually get gradually worse over many years. People with the condition tend to have a shorter life expectancy than normal. Many people live until at least their 30s, and some can live into their 60s or beyond.

Will acute cerebellar ataxia go away?

Who gets it? While it can occur at any age, acute cerebellar ataxia is most common in young children. It can occur several weeks after a viral infection, such as chickenpox. Most cases go away without treatment in a matter of months.

What makes cerebellar ataxia worse?

People with ataxia often have trouble with balance, coordination, swallowing, and speech. Ataxia usually develops as a result of damage to a part of the brain that coordinates movement (cerebellum). Ataxia can develop at any age. It is typically progressive, meaning it can get worse with time.

How long can you live with cerebellar ataxia?