What is the success rate for strabismus surgery?

What is the success rate for strabismus surgery?

What is the success rate for strabismus surgery?

The success rate of each surgery is always the same, 60-80 percent. Strabismus surgery to correct the eye position is a commonly done procedure. It does not involve cutting into the eyeball, nor does it require that the eye be “taken out” in order to reach the muscle.

Is strabismus surgery a risk?

Risks of Strabismus (Eye Muscle) Surgery: The most common risk to strabismus surgery is partial or complete failure to correct the condition and/or its effects, including associated symptoms such as double vision.

Can you read after strabismus surgery?

Avoid strenuous activity, such as lifting or contact sports for 14 days following surgery. Sleep with your head elevated on 2 to 3 pillows for 5 to 7 days to reduce pain and swelling. Avoid swimming and activities in which sand or dirt may enter the eye for 14 days. There are no restrictions on reading or watching TV.

What are the side effects of strabismus surgery?

Complications following Strabismus surgery include the following:

  • Unsatisfactory eye alignment after surgery is the most common complication.
  • A change in the refraction can occur, especially if two muscles are operated in the same eye.
  • Diplopia can occur, particularly in adult patients that are overcorrected.

Can lazy eye come back after surgery?

A: In some cases, the eyes will once again drift apart years after surgery. The surgery doesn’t correct the original defect that caused the brain to let the eyes wander in the first place, so the problem might come back years later. But it doesn’t always come back.

When do you see results from strabismus surgery?

You can expect a certain range of side effects during your strabismus surgery recovery, from redness to discomfort. Generally, these postoperative symptoms take a few weeks to a few months to disappear completely. In general, patients see their final results within a month or two of surgery.