Can you use a SAD light with macular degeneration?

Can you use a SAD light with macular degeneration?

Can you use a SAD light with macular degeneration?

All that said, patients at risk for macular degeneration are strongly advised to use light therapy that excludes intense exposure to the short-wavelength spectrum (the blue component of white light), including such exposure from outdoor light and full-spectrum light sources.

Can happy light damage eyes?

During light therapy You can’t get the same effect merely by exposing your skin to the light. While your eyes must be open, don’t look directly at the light box, because the bright light can damage your eyes.

Can bright light therapy damage eyes?

Your eyes should remain open throughout the treatment session. Damage to the eye’s retina is a theoretical risk, but it has not been found to be a problem thus far. Nevertheless, you should take precautions to get your dose of light as safely as possible.

Can you use a light box if you have cataracts?

You should not use it after cataract surgery because the eyes are still sensitive to light.

Can I close my eyes during light therapy?

Can I get light therapy with my eyes closed? The positive effects of most light therapy studies have been done with the eyes open. The standard 10,000 lux for ½ hour session assumes your eyes are open.

Should you look directly at a SAD light?

You can read or eat while sitting under the lights, but your eyes must be open for the effect to occur. You cannot sleep during your light exposure! You should NOT stare directly at the lights.

Do SAD lamps hurt your eyes?

Side effects of light therapy It’s rare for people using light therapy to have side effects. However, some people may experience: agitation or irritability. headaches or eye strain.

Can I use my happy light all day?

How long do I use my HappyLight® and how? Light therapy typically has the best results if used anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours a day, specifically in the morning. However, light therapy is an individual process and there are variables with usage and user.

Is a SAD lamp bad for your eyes?

Most people can use light therapy safely. The recommended light boxes have filters that remove harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, so there’s no risk of skin or eye damage for most people.

How long should I sit in front of my HappyLight?

Use the light box in the morning for 20 to 60 minutes, depending on your individual needs. Start with 20 to 30 minutes of the light box every morning to see if that it helps boost your mood and energy. If isn’t making a difference, then try longer periods, for up to 60 minutes each morning.