Does LASIK create a flap?

Does LASIK create a flap?

Does LASIK create a flap?

During LASIK surgery, a small flap is created in the frontal, topmost layer of the cornea. This layer is called the epithelium. Using this epithelial flap, the cornea can be reshaped and recontoured as needed to address refractive errors (i.e., myopia/nearsightedness, hyperopia/farsightedness, and astigmatism).

How is a corneal flap created?

To create the corneal LASIK flap, the LASIK surgeon uses a handheld device or a laser to cut the top layers of corneal tissue at a pre-determined depth. One edge of the flap is left uncut, forming a hinge. Using the hinge, the surgeon folds back the flap to access the underlying corneal tissue.

What happens if LASIK flap is dislodged?

A flap dislocation would cause notable pain, discomfort, excessive watering in the eye, and/or blurred vision. The vast majority of flap dislocation incidents happen in the first few days after the LASIK procedure as a result of not wearing eye protection and being hit or bumped in the eye.

What happens if I poke my eye after LASIK?

It would be wise to wait 2 to 3 days after the surgery before engaging in sexual activities. If your eyes or eyelids are accidentally rubbed or bumped, there is a chance the flap could be displaced following LASIK or that the corneal epithelium could be disturbed following PRK.

How long does it take eyes to heal after LASIK?

Generally speaking, it will take between three and six months for your eyes to fully heal, and it’s not unusual to encounter minor lingering side-effects during this period.

What if I get water in my eye after LASIK?

Due to the chemicals in chlorinated water and the particles found in salt and freshwater bodies, irritation, redness and corneal tissue infection is a high possibility immediately after LASIK eye surgery. Interactions with these bodies of water can slow the healing process or cause post-op damage.

How long does it take for flap to heal after LASIK?

The epithelial incision at the edge of the flap heals within the first three to four hours. Attachments between the cornea and flap (stromal healing) start within the first few weeks and are maximized within six to twelve months.

How long will I feel like something is in my eye after LASIK?

It is normal and expected for patients to experience a sensation of grittiness or a sandy feeling in the eye following the procedure. This sensation usually tends to resolve itself over the first 1-3 months.

How can I prevent infection after LASIK?

Below are some tips that will be especially helpful in reducing the risk of infection after LASIK:

  1. Use prescribed eye drops as directed.
  2. Keep the eyes well lubricated with the use of artificial tears.
  3. Avoid scratching or rubbing the eyes.
  4. Stay away from dusty or smoky environments.