How can I help my child with mild Aspergers?

How can I help my child with mild Aspergers?

How can I help my child with mild Aspergers?

8 Tips for Parents of Children with Asperger’s Syndrome

  1. Do not coddle or shelter your child from any situation that might set him/her off.
  2. Be clear in your explanations of expected and/or desired behaviors when the situations arise.
  3. Embrace your child’s passion, creativity, humor and energy when he/she exhibits it.

Can you have a mild case of Asperger’s?

Asperger’s Syndrome People with the disorder are said to fall somewhere along the “autism spectrum.” Some are severely disabled, but others may only exhibit mild symptoms. IQ levels can also vary significantly.

What do I do if I think my daughter has Aspergers?

If you notice signs of Asperger’s Syndrome or any of the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder in your child, see your pediatrician. She or he can refer you to a mental health expert who specializes in diagnosing this type of disorder.

How do you test a child for Aspergers?

There’s not one specific test to diagnose Asperger’s, but many are used to analyze and assess the disorder. Some of these include: Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) This widely-used assessment tool helps identify children with an autism spectrum disorder and determine the severity of their condition.

  1. Teach practical social skills.
  2. Work on your child’s problem solving skills.
  3. Teach your child to be self-aware.
  4. Encourage your child to develop socially appropriate behavior.
  5. Help your child develop a routine.

What happens to a child with mild Asperger’s syndrome?

Often considered as merely “odd” and socially inept, a child with mild Asperger’s syndrome may escape diagnosis until the teen years, after being the target of criticism and bullying, resulting in increased risk of depression.[3] Individuals with mild AS primarily suffer from social anxiety and may exhibit these symptoms [4]:

How can I Help my Child with Asperger’s syndrome?

Get help from professionals because they can help and guide you in these cases. Coordinate the child’s home life with the professional treatment. To help a child with Asperger’s syndrome, learn techniques (taught by a specialist) to practice at home with your child.

Can a child with Asperger’s syndrome make friends?

Children with this condition can learn to behave appropriately in social situations and make friends with the right help. But for this to happen, parents, teachers and other children need to look beyond the stereotypes, and be understanding of the child’s unique social difficulties. 3. They lack empathy

What to look for in a girl with Aspergers?

There are certain personality traits and symptoms that moms and dads, educators, and professionals can look for if they suspect that a young girl or woman has Aspergers. Females with the disorder often display obsessive tendencies in regard to animals, dolls, and other female-oriented interests.

How to deal with a child with Asperger’s syndrome?

Parents should keep in mind that while there isn’t only one way to solve a problem, this is a skill that children with Asperger’s Syndrome need to practice as often as possible. By incorporating problem solving as part of your child’s daily life, your child will develop the confidence to respond calmly when they have to problem solve in real life.

Where can I get help for mild Aspergers Syndrome?

The right treatment plan can improve life quality. You can also find information on local Asperger support resources by visiting the Autism Society of America, National Autism Association or Autism Research Institute websites. All three sites provide information on local chapters and resources.

What’s the difference between mild Asperger’s and autism?

Definition of Mild Asperger’s Syndrome and Its Difference from Classic AS. As one of the pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) within the autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Asperger’s syndrome is a high-functioning form of autism.

When does a child with Asperger’s have a meltdown?

“My boy tends to have meltdowns when he gets overwhelmed ,” shares Circle of Moms member Ylice. She’s not alone: many children with Asperger’s syndrome can’t handle routines or plans going awry. Amanda B. describes it as an ” inability to control emotions when things are ‘out of order .'”