Is superior the same as posterior?

Is superior the same as posterior?

Is superior the same as posterior?

Anterior (or ventral) Describes the front or direction toward the front of the body. The toes are anterior to the foot. Posterior (or dorsal) Describes the back or direction toward the back of the body. Superior (or cranial) describes a position above or higher than another part of the body proper.

What does lateral posterior mean?

Lateral: Toward the left or right side of the body, as opposed to medial. Medial: In the middle or inside, as opposed to lateral. Posterior: The back or behind, as opposed to the anterior. Posteroanterior: From back to front, as opposed to anteroposterior.

What does posterior superior mean?

Directional Terms Superior or cranial – toward the head end of the body; upper (example, the hand is part of the superior extremity). Posterior or dorsal – back (example, the shoulder blades are located on the posterior side of the body).

Is superior and posterior opposing terms?

Anatomy Unit 1: Directional Terms Opposites

posterior anterior
anterior posterior
superior inferior
inferior superior

How do you remember anterior or posterior?

Abs=anterior side. The word ventral literally means belly! Posterior (or dorsal) means the opposite of anterior: “back of” or “behind/on the back.” This is easy to remember because “posterior” is another word for your rear end, which is on your backside.

Are lungs posterior to the heart?

The human heart is located within the thoracic cavity, medially between the lungs in the space known as the mediastinum.

What is lateral recumbent position?

It is performed by having the person lie on their left side, left hip and lower extremity straight, and right hip and knee bent. It is also called lateral recumbent position. Sims’ position is also described as the person lying on their left side with both legs bent.

What organ is posterior to the heart?

Explanation: The heart sits in the mediastinum (central compartment of the thoracic cavity) while the kidneys are further down on the retroperitoneum (the space in the abdominal cavity behind the peritoneum/ membrane). They are below the heart – inferior. They are behind the heart – posterior.

Is the heart posterior to the diaphragm?

The heart is SUPERIOR to the diaphragm. The heart is MEDIAL to the lungs. Lateral. Away from the median plane.

What’s the difference between dorsal and posterior?

As adjectives the difference between dorsal and posterior is that dorsal is (anatomy) with respect to, or concerning the side in which the backbone is located, or the analogous side of an invertebrate while posterior is located behind, or towards the rear of an object.