What are general intelligence questions?

What are general intelligence questions?

What are general intelligence questions?

General Intelligence and Reasoning Test occupies a prime place of importance in most of the Competitive Exams. It is based on Multiple Choice Questions which tests your logical and thinking ability to interpret a given question/situation and finding out the best answer out of the answer choices.

What comes under general intelligence and reasoning?

What is General Intelligence and Reasoning? With the aim of assessing the logical and analytical reasoning, this section constitutes an important part of scores of entrance exams. General Intelligence and Reasoning consists of various MCQs which examines your ability to deduce the answer from the many given options.

What is general intelligence in Chsl?

SSC CHSL 2021 Exam Important Reasoning Topics: General Intelligence and Reasoning is considered to be one of the highest-scoring sections of the SSC CHSL Tier-1 Exam. This section will test your ability to think and solve problems.

What is SSC GI?

General Intelligence (GI) is one of the four subjects of the SSC CHSL Tier-I exam. A total of 25 questions are asked from various topics such as Series, Coding, Arrangement, etcetera in this subject.

What are the general awareness topics?

General Awareness 2021 Topics

Currency Important Days Business Taglines
Chemistry Geography History & Culture of India
Indian Polity Indian Economy Indian National Movement
Biology General Science Ideas
Literature & Books Trivia Mixed

What comes under general intelligence in SSC Chsl?

There are 4 secctions in Tier I of SSC CHSL exam which are given below: Reasoning Ability. Quantitative Aptitude….SSC CHSL Tier-I Syllabus.

General Intelligence Alphanumeric Series
Quantitative Aptitude (Basic Arithmetic Skill) Profit & Loss
English Language (Basic Knowledge) Cloze Test
General Awareness Culture

What is the salary of SSC CGL?

Based on the post, SSC CGL qualified candidates mostly get the following pay scales: INR 25,500-81,100. INR 29,200-92,300. INR 35400-1,12,400.

What is the syllabus of general intelligence?

The topics are, Semantic Analogy, Symbolic/ Number Analogy, Figural Analogy, Semantic Classification, Symbolic/ Number Classification, Figural Classification, Semantic Series, Number Series, Figural Series, Problem Solving, Word Building, Coding & de-coding, Numerical Operations, symbolic Operations, Trends, Space …

What is General Intelligence E?

General intelligence is the fluid ability to integrate multiple cognitive abilities in the service of solving a novel problem and thereby accumulating crystalized knowledge that, in turn, facilitates further higher-level reasoning.

What is general awareness syllabus?

SSC CGL General Awareness Static General Knowledge covers 40% of the GA section and includes topics such as History, Indian Politics, Culture, Economy, Geography, and more. General Science in the SSC CGL exam 2021 holds 40% of the section and includes Indian Science topics such as biology, chemistry and daily science.

What are the topics in general English?

Topics of General English for Competitive Exams

  • Rules For Tenses.
  • Rules For Prepositions.
  • List of Prepositions.
  • Rules and List of Conjunctions.
  • Active And Passive Voice Rules.
  • List of One Word Substitutions.
  • List of Homophones/Homonyms.
  • List of Synonyms and Antonyms.

What is SSC CHSL salary?

According to the revised pay scale, the starting salary in SSC CHSL officers is INR 17,000 – 18,000/-. Along with the revised pay scale, SSC provides transport, house rent, dearness, and other special allowance.

Which post is best in SSC CHSL?

A: As per the revised revised pay scale after the 7th Pay Commission, the starting salary in SSC CHSL will be from ₹24000 – ₹30000. Q2: Which is best job in SSC CHSL? A: One of the highest paying jobs in SSC CHSL is Lower Division Clerk (LDC)/ Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA).

What is the highest post in SSC?

The top post of SSC CGL are:

  • Income tax inspector.
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer in ED.
  • ASO in MEA.
  • Sub inspector in CBI.
  • Excise Inspector.
  • Assistant Audit Officer in CAG.
  • Divisional Accountant.

    Which topics comes under verbal reasoning?

    Topics in Verbal reasoning:

    • Logical Sequence of words.
    • Syllogism.
    • Cause and effect.
    • Venn diagrams.
    • Analogy.
    • Character puzzles.
    • Classification.
    • Arithmetic reasoning.