What is responsible for resorption of bone?

What is responsible for resorption of bone?

What is responsible for resorption of bone?

Osteoclast cells cause bone resorption and originate from a hematopoietic lineage, which includes various blood cell types from within the bone marrow.

What does it mean to inhibit bone resorption?

Bone resorption inhibitors are drugs that inhibit mineralization or resorption of the bone by blocking the action of osteoclasts. They are used to treat postmenopausal and glucocorticoid induced osteoporosis, Paget’s disease of the bone and malignant hypercalcemia.

What physical phenomenon promotes bone resorption?

At the tissue and cellular level, mechanical stimulation is a strong modulator of osteocyte apoptosis, a process known to induce resorption.

What are the steps in bone resorption?

The remodeling cycle consists of three consecutive phases: resorption, during which osteoclasts digest old bone; reversal, when mononuclear cells appear on the bone surface; and formation, when osteoblasts lay down new bone until the resorbed bone is completely replaced.

What is bone resorption and why is it important?

Bone resorption is the process by which the bones are absorbed and broken down by the body. Osteoclast cells are responsible for the breakdown of bone minerals thus releasing calcium and phosphorous into the bloodstream. This occurs when the body has insufficient calcium from an individual’s diet.

What hormone promotes an increase in the activity of osteoclasts?

The PTH-induced increase in bone resorption is mediated, in vivo, by increased activity of the bone-resorbing cell, the osteoclast.

What is the first step of bone repair?

There are four stages in the repair of a broken bone: 1) the formation of hematoma at the break, 2) the formation of a fibrocartilaginous callus, 3) the formation of a bony callus, and 4) remodeling and addition of compact bone.

What can a deficiency of growth hormone during bone?

GH deficiency severely limits bone growth and hence the accumulation of bone mass.

What stimulates osteoblast activity?

Steroid and protein hormones Parathyroid hormone is a protein made by the parathyroid gland under the control of serum calcium activity. Intermittent PTH stimulation increases osteoblast activity, although PTH is bifunctional and mediates bone matrix degradation at higher concentrations.