What is the common name given to spine?

What is the common name given to spine?

What is the common name given to spine?

The vertebral column, also known as the backbone or spine, is part of the axial skeleton.

What is spine in medical term?

Spine: 1) The column of bone known as the vertebral column, which surrounds and protects the spinal cord. The spine can be categorized according to level of the body: i.e., cervical spine (neck), thoracic spine (upper and middle back), and lumbar spine (lower back). 2) Any short prominence of bone.

What are two other names for the spine?


  • backbone,
  • chine,
  • spinal column,
  • vertebral column.

    What are the three names of the spine?

    The normal anatomy of the spine is usually described by dividing up the spine into three major sections: the cervical, the thoracic, and the lumbar spine. (Below the lumbar spine is a bone called the sacrum, which is part of the pelvis).

    What does spinal mean in English?

    (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : of, relating to, or situated near the spinal column. 2a : of, relating to, or affecting the spinal cord spinal reflexes. b : having the spinal cord functionally isolated (as by surgical section) from the brain experiments on spinal animals.

    What are the names of back problems?

    Chronic spine and back pain. Kyphosis. Myelopathy. Neck pain….Degenerative spine and disc conditions:

    • Arthritis.
    • Degenerative disc disease.
    • Herniated disc.
    • Spinal stenosis.
    • Spondylosis.

      What’s another word for spinal cord?

      “This is a test where a needle is placed through the lower part of the back between the backbones and into the spinal column.”…What is another word for spinal column?

      spine backbone
      vertebral column dorsum
      C-spine bone
      ridge cervical spine
      foundation support

      What is the lower part of your spine called?

      The bottom of the spine is called the sacrum. It is made up of several vertebral bodies usually fused together as one.

      What is the weakest part of the spine?

      cervical spine
      The weakest part of the spine is the cervical spine, which is made up of seven vertebrae.

      What parts of the body does the spine control?

      The nerves of the cervical spine go to the upper chest and arms. The nerves in your thoracic spine go to your chest and abdomen. The nerves of the lumbar spine then reach to your legs, bowel, and bladder. These nerves coordinate and control all the body’s organs and parts, and let you control your muscles.

      What is a spineless?

      1 : free from spines, thorns, or prickles. 2a : having no spinal column : invertebrate. b : lacking strength of character. Other Words from spineless Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About spineless.

      What are the most common back problems?

      Spine Conditions, Back Problems, Back Pain

      • Low Back Sprains and Strains.
      • Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease.
      • Lumbar Disc Herniation.
      • Lumbar Stenosis.
      • Neck Sprain (Whiplash) and Strain.
      • Neck Strain.
      • Osteoporosis.
      • Whiplash.

      What is another name for back pain?

      What is another word for back pain?

      lumbago sciatica
      backache back trouble
      bad back slipped disk

      What is a function of spinal cord?

      Carrying signals from the brain: The spinal cord receives signals from the brain that control movement and autonomic functions. Carrying information to the brain: The spinal cord nerves also transmit messages to the brain from the body, such as sensations of touch, pressure, and pain.

      What are the names of the bones in the spine?

      The spine is composed of 33 bones, called vertebrae, divided into five sections: the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine sections, and the sacrum and coccyx bones. The cervical section of the spine is made up of the top seven vertebrae in the spine, C1 to C7, and is connected to the base of the skull.

      How can I protect my back?

      Ways to protect your back

      1. Strengthen your core muscles. Your low back is under the stress of supporting your entire upper body.
      2. Stretch. Many back pain problems are caused by tight muscles.
      3. Avoid sitting with poor posture.
      4. Walk.
      5. Lift correctly.
      6. Sleep well.
      7. Watch your weight.
      8. Quit Smoking.

      Which part of the spine is most vulnerable to injury?

      The most vulnerable areas of the spine are the lumbar (lower back), and the cervical (neck) regions. They are the most mobile, and susceptible to injury. The lower back is also the main weight bearing part of the spine. The spine is supported by muscles and ligaments.

      What are disorders of the lumbar spine called?

      In This Article: Disorders are common in the lumbar spine and at the top of the sacral region, as this area supports most of the body’s weight which creates stress on the structures in this area. The combination of these two sections of the lower back is often referred to as the “lumbosacral region”.

      Which is the best description of the spine?

      Vertebrae Define Sections of the Spine 1 Cervical spine (neck) – comprised of 7 cervical vertebrae (termed C1 to C7), starting with C1 at the top of the spine… 2 Thoracic spine (upper back) – made up of 12 thoracic vertebrae (known as T1 to T12), which are attached to the rib bones… More …

      What is the name of the bone at the bottom of the spine?

      The sacrum and hip bones form a ring called the pelvic girdle. Coccyx (tailbone): Four fused vertebrae make up this small piece of bone found at the bottom of the spine. Pelvic floor muscles and ligaments attach to the coccyx. What conditions and disorders affect the spine?

      How many vertebrae are there in the lumbar spine?

      Lumbar spine (lower back) – typically including 5 vertebrae (known as L1 to L5), which have a great deal of motion and flexibility. Because this section of the spine bears most of the body’s weight and allows for the most motion (which stresses the anatomical structures), this is the area associated with most back problems.

      What does the name spine mean?

      1. a thornlike process or projection; called also acantha and spina. 2. the rigid bony structure in the midline of the back, composed of the vertebrae; called also backbone, spinal column, and vertebral column. The spinal column is the axis of the skeleton; the skull and limbs are in a sense appendages.

      What is the name of the spine?

      The spine, alternately known as the vertebral column or backbone, is the structure that encloses and protects the spinal cord, which is the bundle of nerves that transmits signals from the brain to the rest of the body. It consists of a stack of bones — 33 vertebrae, the sacrum , and the coccyx — and…

      What is another name for the spinal column?

      The spine (also called the vertebral column or spinal column) is composed of a series of bones called vertebrae stacked one upon another. There are four regions of the spine: cervical (neck), thoracic (chest/trunk), lumbar (low back), and sacral (pelvic)