Is it safe to use selenium sulfide?

Is it safe to use selenium sulfide?

Is it safe to use selenium sulfide?

Selenium sulfide preparations are usually well tolerated. Stop using the preparation and check with your doctor if you experience scalp irritation or skin irritation. Other side effects that may occur include: Unusual oiliness or dryness of hair or scalp.

Does selenium really work?

Evidence that selenium supplements may reduce the odds of prostate cancer has been mixed, but most studies suggest there is no real benefit. Selenium does not seem to affect the risk of colorectal or lung cancer. But beware: some studies suggest that selenium may increase the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer.

Can I use Selenium sulfide shampoo everyday?

Selenium sulfide topical shampoo is generally not for daily use. Follow the directions on the label, or your doctor’s instructions. Use this medication for the full prescribed length of time. Your symptoms may improve before the infection is completely cleared.

Can I use Selsun Gold everyday?

Skin Treatment: Repeat daily for 1 week or as health care professional recommends.

Can selenium sulfide be used on face?

To use selenium sulfide for tinea versicolor of the body: Apply the medicine to the affected areas of your body, except for your face and genitals (sex organs).

What are the side effects of taking selenium?

Selenium can cause muscle tenderness, tremor, lightheadedness, facial flushing, blood clotting problems, liver and kidney problems, and other side effects. High doses of selenium can cause significant side effects including nausea, vomiting, nail changes, loss of energy, and irritability.

What does Selsun gold do?

Key benefits of Selsun Gold Treatment Shampoo Controls the scaling, flaking and itching of the scalp associated with dandruff, and also reduces local irritation. Selsun Gold is proven to slow down the rate our skin produces new skin cells; which is the basic cause of flakes and itchiness.