Is stenosis of the spine fatal?

Is stenosis of the spine fatal?

Is stenosis of the spine fatal?

While lumbar spinal stenosis is not life threatening, severe spinal stenosis can cause significant disability.

What happens to your spine when you have spinal stenosis?

Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of one or more spaces within your spine. Less space within your spine reduces the amount of space available for your spinal cord and nerves that branch off your spinal cord. A tightened space can cause the spinal cord or nerves to become irritated, compressed or pinched, which can lead to back pain and sciatica.

What is the prognosis for lumbar stenosis in adults?

Prognosis. Results of one study on the natural history of symptomatic lumbar stenosis showed that at 4 years, walking tolerance declined in about 30% of patients, but symptoms improved or remained stable in the remainder. [68] Prognosis in patients initially treated with medical or physiotherapy is variable.

Can a person with spinal stenosis be left untreated?

However, it’s not a good idea to completely hold off on any type of treatment for spinal stenosis. Here’s why. A narrow spinal passage sometimes squeezes sensitive nerve roots and the spinal cord itself.

What kind of treatment is there for spinal stenosis?

Treatments are self-care remedies, physical therapy, medications, injections and surgery. Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of space around the spinal cord itself and the nerve roots that branch off your spinal cord.

What are the long – term effects of spinal stenosis?

Spreading Spinal Dysfunction. Other long-term effects of spinal stenosis include hypertrophy of the bones, ligaments, and connective tissue in the spine as it attempts to make itself more rigid to counter the loss of stability.

How do you treat spinal stenosis without surgery?

Non-surgical treatment options for spinal stenosis are usually prescribed first: Anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants and medications to relieve pain. Steroid injections. Physical therapy.

Is surgery the only option for stenosis?

Spinal Stenosis : Surgery is NOT the Only Option. For countless people who suffer the agonizing pain associated with Spinal Stenosis, the treatment option that is presented time and time again is surgery.

Can spinal stenosis get better?

There is no cure for spinal stenosis, but there are treatments to help relieve symptoms. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications can ease swelling and pain. If they don’t do the trick, your doctor can prescribe higher-dose medication. Your doctor may also recommend cortisone injections.