What age can you get lens replacement surgery?

What age can you get lens replacement surgery?

What age can you get lens replacement surgery?

There Is No Set Age Limit If you are over the age of 50— you may have been turned down for other vision correcting services such as laser eye surgery. The good news is that even at the age of 50+ — you can still be a candidate for lens replacement surgery.

What is the youngest age for cataract surgery?

Typically, most cataract procedures are performed after the age of 60 due to the aging process, however some patients may develop cataracts earlier around age 50. It is not uncommon to see cataracts in very young patients in their teens and 20’s for various reasons.

Is lens operation good for eyes?

For patients with low to moderate refractive error and no associated eye diseases, LASIK is the surgery of choice. Refractive lens exchange or lens implants can correct almost any degree of refractive error, and the quality of vision after lens implants is said to be better than that after LASIK.

How does a child get cataracts?

Most cataracts that children are born with happen along with other eye or health problems. This type of cataract may be from genetic factors. This can include a metabolic disorder caused by an inherited enzyme deficiency. It can also happen because of a chromosome problem, such as Down syndrome.

How is pediatric cataract treated?

The only treatment for cataracts is surgery to remove them. If your child’s cataract is small and doesn’t affect their vision, it may not need to be removed. If it does affect their eyesight, it should be removed as soon as possible. Otherwise their vision can be affected in the long term.

What causes pediatric cataract?

Possible causes include: a genetic fault inherited from the child’s parents that caused the lens to develop abnormally. certain genetic conditions, including Down’s syndrome. certain infections picked up by the mother during pregnancy, including rubella and chickenpox.