What are the long-term side effects of vincristine?

What are the long-term side effects of vincristine?

What are the long-term side effects of vincristine?

With continued treatment, neuritic pain and later, motor difficulties may occur. Loss of deep-tendon reflexes, foot drop, wrist drop, ataxia, and paralysis have been reported with continued administration.

What does vincristine do to cancer cells?

Vincristine is a chemotherapy drug that belongs to a group of drugs called vinca alkaloids. Vincristine works by stopping the cancer cells from separating into 2 new cells. So, it stops the growth of the cancer.

What is the oldest chemotherapy drug?

The era of chemotherapy had begun. Metastatic cancer was first cured in 1956 when methotrexate was used to treat a rare tumor called choriocarcinoma. Over the years, chemotherapy drugs (chemo) have successfully treated many people with cancer.

What is the most common side effect of vincristine?

Common side effects of vincristine sulfate injection include nausea, vomiting, weight loss, diarrhea, bloating, stomach/abdominal pain or cramps, mouth sores, dizziness, headache, hair loss, constipation, loss of appetite, changes in sense of taste, and numbness and tingling in the hands and feet.

Can vincristine cause pancreatitis?

In the literature, acute pancreatitis related to vinblastine has been reported in two cases with germ cell tumors (4). Nevertheless, animal studies have demonstrated that vincristine lead to severe structural damage in mouse pancreas (7). Some mechanisms have been proposed for drug dependent pancreatitis.

Does vincristine make you tired?

This drug may make you dizzy or tired or cause numbness in your hands/feet.

Why does vincristine have side effects?

If vincristine leaks out of the vein into the surrounding area, it may cause serious skin and tissue damage. Tell your health care professional right away if you experience pain, irritation, redness, or swelling at the injection site. Prompt treatment of the leakage will help reduce discomfort and possible skin damage.

How long do vincristine side effects last?

When single, weekly doses of the drug are employed, the adverse reactions of leukopenia, neuritic pain, and constipation occur but are usually of short duration (ie., less than 7 days). When the dosage is reduced, these reactions may lessen or disappear.

Can hydroxychloroquine cause pancreatitis?

By contrast, hydroxychloroquine reduced the risk of acute pancreatitis (aHR 0.23, 95% CI 0.09 to 0.55). Conclusion This nationwide, retrospective cohort study demonstrated that the risk of acute pancreatitis was significantly higher in patients with pSS than in the general population.

Can vincristine cause eye problems?

Ocular toxicity including transient or permanent blindness may occur during treatment with vincristine. Discontinuation of vincristine may lead to recovery of the vision.