What do I do if my landline says Check Tel line?

What do I do if my landline says Check Tel line?

What do I do if my landline says Check Tel line?

Unplug the phone from the electrical socket and remove the batteries from the base unit for approx. 30 minutes. f. Disconnect the base unit from the telephone line and connect the line to a known working telephone, for example your neighbour’s phone.

How do I test my BT phone line?

Once you have your telephone connected to the BT test socket dial 17070. You will reach BT’s line test facility. Choose option 2 from the menu presented – “Quiet Line Test”. If your telephone has the option, put it on mute.

How do I check my Telstra phone line?

You can call Telstra faults on 13 22 03 and get them to test your line.

How do you fix a line cord error?

Key things to do:

  1. Remove all ‘phones and other devices from the telephone line.
  2. Switch off the power for the BT8610.
  3. Pick up the handset and listen for dial tone.
  4. If no dial tone then remove the lead from the Master Socket.
  5. Try a standard cordless ‘phone and re-test for dial tone.

Why is my BT phone saying line cord error?

My advice is check your wiring inside your house ensure that the master socket is the first connection on the wiring into it, if it is and B T say your line is clear, then from my experience I would ensure that the router was disconnected from the phone socket and the electrical supply and left for at least 5 minutes.

Why is there no dial tone on my landline?

If you have no dial tone on your corded phone, make sure it is plugged securely into the wall phone jack. If you have no dial tone on your cordless phone, check the battery and charge it if it’s low. Make sure your cordless phone’s base unit is plugged into a working electrical outlet.

Why does my landline phone not work with NBN?

Re: Home phone not working on NBN, internet working Firstly, make sure your landline is plugged into the green port on your modem. If it is and the issue is still present, please give the NBN team a call on 1800-834-273 for further investigation.

How do you fix a phone line problem?

Unplug the short telephone cord and plug in your corded phone and determine if the problem still exists. If you do not have a clear dial tone, the problem is with the AT network. Unplug the corded phone and replace the short telephone cord. Make sure you close and tighten the Telephone Network Interface cover.

What does it mean when it says check telephone line?

This is a test to see if it is a problem with the telephone or a problem with the telephone jack. If the telephone operates on a different jack then the problem is with the original telephone jack. If there is no dial tone you are having a telephone line problem, contact your telephone line service provider.

What causes a line cord error?

This symptom can indicate either a problem with the line (phone company equipment or the wiring in your home) OR a hardware failure in the base station (since the issue happens with all handsets).

How do I fix BT line cord error?

Why won’t my call go through to a certain number?

If your phone can’t connect to a certain number then there is something going on with that number. The phone could be turned off or the voice messages are full or some other issue with the phone. Generally there is a temporary technical issue with their phone.