What is the medical term for pertaining to an artery?

What is the medical term for pertaining to an artery?

What is the medical term for pertaining to an artery?

Angiospasm. A medical term that means pertaining to an artery.

Which of the following terms mean pertaining to the arteries?

a combining form meaning “artery,” used in the formation of compound words: arteriosclerosis.

Which term means pertaining to the blood vessels?

Term. -ar (vascular) Definition. pertaining to (a blood vessel)

What is pertaining to a vein?

The medical term which means “pertaining to a vein” is, venous wherein the root word “ven” means vein, and the suffix “ous” means pertaining to.

What is the largest of the arteries?

The largest artery is the aorta, the main high-pressure pipeline connected to the heart’s left ventricle. The aorta branches into a network of smaller arteries that extend throughout the body.

What does Arterioplasty mean?

Surgical reconstruction of the wall of
[ är-tîr′ē-ə-plăs′tē ] n. Surgical reconstruction of the wall of an artery.

What is the scientific name for arteries?

Arteries, coronary: The vessels that supply the heart muscle with blood rich in oxygen. They are called the coronary arteries because they encircle the heart in the manner of a crown. There are a number of coronary arteries.

What is an abnormal condition of a clot?

An excessive clotting disorder, also known as a hypercoagulable disorder or thrombophilia, is the tendency of some people to develop blood clots in parts of the body, such as the deep veins in the legs (called venous thromboembolism or DVT) or the arteries of the heart (arterial thrombosis).

Which combining form means death?

Thanato- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “death.” It is used in some technical terms, including in psychiatry.

What is pertaining to the heart?

Cardiovascular — Pertaining to the heart and blood and blood vessels.

What are the 3 stages of blood clotting?

Hemostasis includes three steps that occur in a rapid sequence: (1) vascular spasm, or vasoconstriction, a brief and intense contraction of blood vessels; (2) formation of a platelet plug; and (3) blood clotting or coagulation, which reinforces the platelet plug with fibrin mesh that acts as a glue to hold the clot …

What diseases cause blood clots?

Acquired Causes of Blood Clots

  • CANCER. Cancerous cells may produce clotting substances such as tissue factor-containing microparticles that lead to an increased risk of blood clots.

    What combining form means hidden?

    The combining form that means hidden is. Crypt/o.

    Which combining form means sleep?

    Identify the combining form that means sleep: morph/o.