What is the most common site of venous thrombosis?

What is the most common site of venous thrombosis?

What is the most common site of venous thrombosis?

DVT occurs most commonly in the lower extremities or pelvis (see figure Deep veins of the legs). It can also develop in deep veins of the upper extremities (4 to 13% of DVT cases).

Where is the right gonadal vein?

The left gonadal vein drains into the left renal vein, whereas the right drains directly into the inferior vena cava.

What is pelvic vein thrombosis?

Pelvic vein thrombosis occurs when a blood clot occurs that obstructs the blood flow in one of your pelvic veins. Blood clots in the pelvic veins can be very serious because they not only have the potential to cause localized problems, they may also break loose and travel to the lungs.

Which vein is most common for DVT?

Results: One hundred and thirty-seven patients showed DVT; the muscular calf vein was more prevalent than other veins (P < 0.01). Conclusions: Our study showed that the most common site of DVT was the muscular calf vein.

Where does the right adrenal vein drain?

inferior vena cava
The venous drainage from each adrenal gland is usually via a single vein: the right vein draining into the inferior vena cava (IVC) and the left vein into the left renal vein. Although infrequent, variable venous drainage has been documented.

How many veins drain a single adrenal gland?

The many communications between the posterior cardinal, supracardinal, and subcardinal veins of the primordial venous system provide an explanation for the variable anatomy. Most commonly, one central vein drains each adrenal gland.

Do the suprarenal veins drain the kidneys?

The Suprarenal veins are two in number: the right ends in the inferior vena cava. the left ends in the left renal or left inferior phrenic vein….

Suprarenal veins
The anterior surfaces of the kidneys, showing the areas of contact of neighboring viscera.
Drains from Adrenal gland