Can you be in the house when you flea bomb?

Can you be in the house when you flea bomb?

Can you be in the house when you flea bomb?

The short answer is no. No person, pet or plant should be in a house while a flea fogger is being used. These pest control products contain insecticides that are toxic to people (especially children) and animals.

How long do you have to be out of the house when you bomb for fleas?

two to four hours
Safe use of these products requires that everyone, including pets, leave the treated space and close the doors after foggers have been released. Stay out until the time indicated on the label has passed, usually two to four hours. Prematurely entering the treated premises may lead to illness.

How do I clean my house after fogging?

What To Do After A Bug Bomb Treatment

  1. When you return after a couple of hours, open the doors and windows to air out the fumes.
  2. Afterward, clean every surface of your home with soapy water.
  3. Wash everything that can be washed including your bedding, sheets, curtains, and couch covers.

What to do after fogging your house for fleas?

Wash your clothes, stuffed animals, bed linens, blankets, throws and any other fabrics that have been exposed to the flea bombs. Fleas and their eggs are able to survive on just about anything in your house. If your draperies are not able to go in the washer, take them to the cleaners or at least vacuum them.

Can I bring fleas home from someone else’s house?

So can humans carry fleas from one home to another? Yes, they absolutely can. But you don’t have to avoid visiting your pet-owner friends for fear of infestation. Just make sure to take good care of your clothes and shoes, and you will be just fine.

Do you have to wash your clothes after bombing your house?

Clothing should not be exposed to the insecticides used in a fogger. If your clothes are contaminated, the chemicals can be transferred to your skin and make you ill. If some of the residue does come in contact with your clothes, or they retain any odor from the insecticide, launder them thoroughly before wearing.