How do you get over something really embarrassing?

How do you get over something really embarrassing?

How do you get over something really embarrassing?

Practice mindfulness meditation.

  1. Sit quietly for 10-15 minutes, breathing deeply.
  2. Acknowledge each thought as it enters your mind.
  3. Accept the emotions that you’re feeling, tell yourself, “I can accept my embarrassment.”
  4. Acknowledge that this is a temporary feeling.
  5. Bring your attention and awareness back to your breath.

How do you say very embarrassing?


  1. awkward.
  2. distressing.
  3. perplexing.
  4. puzzling.
  5. tricky.
  6. troublesome.
  7. unseemly.
  8. upsetting.

What to do if someone catches you doing something embarrassing?

If you’ve done something embarrassing, one way to deal with it is by asking others about things they have done in the past that they were embarrassed about. You may become closer with the person you are talking to by having a good laugh about past embarrassments.

What are embarrassing things to do in public?

Most embarrassing things to do in public

  • Mistaking a fat lady to be pregnant.
  • Pay entirely with coins.
  • Read a newspaper upside down.
  • Ask for a discount.
  • Show up late somewhere and make a spectacle.
  • Talk to a girl loudly.
  • Check yourself in a mirror or a stranger’s eyeglasses.
  • Search for money when it’s time to pay.

Why do I keep thinking about my embarrassing moments?

According to Psychology Today, embarrassment is considered a “self-conscious” emotion. “Thoughts about past embarrassing experiences may certainly be a part of anxiety or depression, but they can also pop up as a part of normal day-to-day life,” Jacob Goldsmith, Ph.

What do you call someone who is embarrassing?

Frequently Asked Questions About embarrass Some common synonyms of embarrass are abash, discomfit, disconcert, and rattle.

What word is most similar to humiliating?

In this page you can discover 36 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for humiliating, like: humbling, mortifying, demeaning, abasing, basing, breaking, depressing, dishonoring, lowering, confounding and snubbing.