What are the horns in the brain?

What are the horns in the brain?

What are the horns in the brain?

The lateral ventricles are paired C-shaped structures comprising a body and atrium along with 3 projections into the frontal, temporal, and occipital lobes, termed “horns.” The lateral ventricles communicate with the third ventricle through the interventricular foramina of Monro.

Where do you find horns in the nervous system?

The lateral horn, which is only found in the thoracic, upper lumbar, and sacral regions, is the central component of the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system. Some of the largest neurons of the spinal cord are the multipolar motor neurons in the anterior horn.

Where is ventral horn located?

the spinal cord
The ventral horn of the spinal cord is one of the grey longitudinal columns found within the spinal cord. It contains the cell bodies of the lower motor neurons which have axons leaving via the ventral spinal roots on their way to innervate muscle fibers.

Where are the dorsal horns located?

spinal cord
At the back of spinal cord the central grey matter forms two arms, each called a Dorsal Horn. The dorsal horns contain the cell bodies of sensory neurons. Two arms located at the front of the spinal cord, central grey matter are called ventral horns.

Is a bundle of nerve fibers located outside the central nervous system?

In the peripheral nervous system a bundle of axons is called a nerve. In the central nervous system a bundle of axons is called a tract. Each axon is surrounded by a delicate endoneurium layer. The course connective tissue layer called perineurium, binds the fibers into bundles called fascicles.

What happens with enlarged ventricles in the brain?

Hydrocephalus is the abnormal enlargement of the brain cavities (ventricles) caused by a build-up of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Usually, the body maintains a constant circulation and absorption of CSF. Untreated, hydrocephalus can result in brain damage or death.

What does gray commissure contain?

Acronym: The term gray commissure refers to the bridge of gray matter that contains the central canal of the spinal cord and connects the gray columns on either side of the spinal cord ( Carpenter-1983 ).

Is a nerve a bundle of axons?

A nerve is an enclosed, cable-like bundle of axons (the projections of neurons) in the peripheral nervous system (PNS). A nerve provides a structured pathway that supports the electrochemical nerve impulses transmitted along each of the axons.

What is a bundle of fibers located outside the central nervous system called?

The Peripheral Nervous System Nerves are bundles of nerve fibers, much like muscles are bundles of muscle fibers. Cranial nerves and spinal nerves extend from the CNS to peripheral organs such as muscles and glands. Ganglia are collections, or small knots, of nerve cell bodies outside the CNS.