What can I say instead of any question?

What can I say instead of any question?

What can I say instead of any question?

A Better Solution To “Do You Have Any Questions?”

  • Say something like, “You know, one of the questions I’m asked a lot is…” and answer it yourself.
  • Ask an audience member a specific question, such as, “I spoke about Subject X earlier. What did you think about that?”
  • Use an icebreaker.

What is a statement that answers a question called?

3 Answers. Wikipedia uses the term declarative questions, splicing form and function: Languages may use both syntax and prosody to distinguish interrogative sentences (which pose questions) from declarative sentences (which state propositions).

Does every statement require a response?

Not really. But take into consideration some people expect it. So if you know that person expects it, then satisfy that. But in general no a statement required an answer.

What is an ASK statement?

The ask statement determines whether a field, roster, or form is eligible for data entry. The statement must be coded in a preproc. The condition is evaluated, and if true, any additional logic is executed until the appropriate field is reached and entered.

What is a question and statement?

We can use statements (declaratives) to ask yes-no questions. In writing we know they are questions because they have question marks. In speaking we know they are questions because of the context, and often because of their intonation: Question form. Statement as question.

How do you write a response statement?

Writing a Response or Reaction Paper

  1. Identify the author and title of the work and include in parentheses the publisher and publication date.
  2. Write an informative summary of the material.
  3. Condense the content of the work by highlighting its main points and key supporting points.

Is a response a statement?

As nouns the difference between statement and response is that statement is a declaration or remark while response is (senseid)an answer or reply, or something in the nature of an answer or reply.

What is statement sentence?

Statements are sentences that express a fact, idea or opinion. Statements do not ask questions, make requests or give commands. Statement sentences can be simple, compound or complex sentences; a sentence always consists of at least one clause containing a subject and a verb and nearly always ends in a full stop.