What does a chest specialist do?

What does a chest specialist do?

What does a chest specialist do?

A pulmonologist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats diseases of the respiratory system — the lungs and other organs that help you breathe. For some relatively short-lasting illnesses that affect your lungs, like the flu or pneumonia, you might be able to get all the care you need from your regular doctor.

What do you call chest specialist?

The Department of TB & Chest diseases is also known as Respiratory Diseases or Pulmonary Medicines. The consultants/specialist are called chest physicians, or Respiratory Physicians or Pulmonologist. The Department deals with diseases of respiratory system (nose, throat, windpipe, lungs, chest wall etc)

Which doctor is best for chest?

Following is the list of top Chest Specialists in India.

  • Rank 1. Dr. Animesh Arya – Chest Specialist – 37 Yrs. Exp.
  • Rank 2. Dr. Mohan K.T. – Chest Specialist – 20 Yrs.
  • Rank 3. Dr. Sanjeev Jain – Chest Specialist – 18 Yrs.
  • Rank 4. Dr. Ajay Lall – Chest Specialist – 16 Yrs.
  • Rank 5. Dr. Jaya Kumar – Chest Specialist – 10 Yrs.

    Why would I be referred to a lung specialist?

    If you’re struggling with shortness of breath, your doctor might refer you to a pulmonologist. These doctors specialize in the respiratory system. They understand how the lungs work. They are also experts in how the airways, muscles, and blood vessels function together so you can breathe easily.

    What happens when you go to a respiratory clinic?

    A nurse will escort you in to the clinic area. You may be asked to have some tests such as a chest x-ray or breathing tests. When you see the doctor in the clinic they will ask you questions about your chest symptoms and carry out a physical examination.

    What diseases do pulmonologists treat?

    Diseases commonly evaluated and treated by pulmonologists include asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD), emphysema, lung cancer, interstitial and occupational lung diseases, complex lung and pleural infections including tuberculosis, pulmonary hypertension, and cystic fibrosis.

    Who is the best lungs specialist in India?

    The list of the Top 7 Pulmonologists in India include:

    1 Dr. Nevin Kishore Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket
    2 Dr. Mukesh Goel Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals
    3 Dr. Ankit Parakh BLK Super Speciality Hospital
    4 Dr. Nikhil Malhotra Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket

    Why have I been referred to a respiratory clinic?

    You’ve been urgently referred because your GP feels your symptoms need further investigation and has referred you to a specialist. There are many common conditions that these symptoms could be linked to, including the possibility of cancer.