What is asmanex used for?

What is asmanex used for?

What is asmanex used for?

ASMANEX HFA is an inhaled prescription medicine used as maintenance treatment for the prevention and control of asthma symptoms in people 5 years of age and older. ASMANEX HFA is not used to treat sudden severe symptoms of asthma. ASMANEX HFA should not be used as a rescue inhaler.

Is asmanex a bronchodilator?

No, ASMANEX TWISTHALER is not a bronchodilator and should not be used for sudden symptoms of shortness of breath. Use an inhaled short-acting bronchodilator such as albuterol to relieve sudden symptoms of shortness of breath.

What is a substitute for Asmanex?

The alternatives Asmanex, Pulmicort, and QVAR are typically prescribed less often, however, once you’re transitioned they should provide similar anti-inflammatory action. Asmanex, Pulmicort Flexhaler, and QVAR are covered on both formularies, and all have prescription savings cards or assistance programs.

Can Asmanex cause weight gain?

Most people generally do not experience weight gain when using Asmanex (mometasone). Weight gain can sometimes happen in people who take oral steroid pills long-term. Talk to your doctor if you notice any changes in your weight.

Does Asmanex work immediately?

Mometasone is used to control and prevent symptoms (wheezing and shortness of breath) caused by asthma. This medication must be used regularly to be effective. It does not work right away and should not be used to relieve sudden asthma attacks.

Can I use Asmanex and albuterol?

Asmanex HFA (mometasone) Ventolin HFA (albuterol)…Drug Interaction Classification.

Major Highly clinically significant. Avoid combinations; the risk of the interaction outweighs the benefit.
Moderate Moderately clinically significant. Usually avoid combinations; use it only under special circumstances.

What is the generic name for Asmanex?

Asmanex (mometasone) is a steroid (or “corticosteroid”) used to control asthma symptoms and prevent asthma attacks.

Does Asmanex weaken your immune system?

Mometasone can weaken (suppress) your immune system, and you may get an infection more easily. It may take up to 2 weeks before your symptoms improve. Keep using the medication as directed and call your doctor if your symptoms do not improve after 1 week of treatment.