What is the triangular-shaped bone at the back of your shoulder?

What is the triangular-shaped bone at the back of your shoulder?

What is the triangular-shaped bone at the back of your shoulder?

The scapula, or shoulder blade, is a large triangular-shaped bone that lies in the upper back. The bone is surrounded and supported by a complex system of muscles that work together to help you move your arm.

What is the triangular bone at the upper back of the rib cage?

Scapula, also called shoulder blade, either of two large bones of the shoulder girdle in vertebrates. In humans they are triangular and lie on the upper back between the levels of the second and eighth ribs.

What is the bone in your upper back called?

Scapula: More commonly known as the shoulder blade, the scapula is a flat triangular bone located in the upper back.

What is the largest triangular bone in the back called?

The sacrum is a large triangular-shaped bone found at the base of the spinal column. It consists of the last four or five vertebrae that by adulthood, fuse together to form a single bone.

What is another name for the shoulder blade and what two bones attach to it?

The shoulder is made up of three bones: the scapula (shoulder blade), clavicle (collarbone) and humerus (upper arm bone). Two joints in the shoulder allow it to move: the acromioclavicular joint, where the highest point of the scapula (acromion) meets the clavicle, and the glenohumeral joint.

How do you know if you have winged scapula?

If the winged scapula is the result of nerve damage, it can cause weakness in the muscles of your neck, shoulders, and arms….What are the symptoms of scapular winging?

  1. pain or discomfort in your neck, shoulders, and back.
  2. fatigue.
  3. a drooping shoulder.

What is the bone between your breast called?

Your sternum is a bone that’s located in the middle of your chest. It’s also sometimes referred to as the breastbone. Your sternum protects the organs of your torso from injury and also serves as a connection point for other bones and muscles.

Where are ribs located on a woman?

The sternum, or breastbone, is a flat bone at the front center of the chest. The ribs and sternum make up what is called the ‘ribcage.

What is located in upper back?

The thoracic spine is the longest region of the spine, and by some measures it is also the most complex. Connecting with the cervical spine above and the lumbar spine below, the thoracic spine runs from the base of the neck down to the abdomen.

What are the two bones on your back called?

Vertebrae. Vertebrae are the 33 individual bones that interlock with each other to form the spinal column. The vertebrae are numbered and divided into regions: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, and coccyx (Fig. 2).

What type of bone is the scapula?

Flat bones
Flat bones: Flat bones are thin and have broad surfaces. The flat bones include the scapula (wingbone), the ribs, and the sternum (breastbone).

What is the function of the scapula?

The scapula is an important bone in the function of the shoulder joint. It engages in 6 types of motion, which allow for full-functional upper extremity movement including protraction, retraction, elevation, depression, upward rotation, and downward rotation.

What is the fastest way to fix a winged scapula?

For scapular winging caused by damage to the dorsal scapular nerve, your doctor will likely recommend a mix of physical and massage therapy. They may also prescribe muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, or a combination of all three.

How do you get rid of winged scapula fast?

  1. Assume the wall plank position.
  2. Activate the Serratus Anterior muscle.
  3. Push the forearm (on the side of the Winged scapula) into the wall. Maintain this pressure throughout the exercise.
  4. Whilst keep that arm fixated on the wall, rotate your body away.
  5. Return to starting position.
  6. Repeat 15 times.

Does a woman have more ribs than a man?

The Adam and Eve story has led some people to believe that men have one fewer rib than women. This isn’t true. The vast majority of people have 12 sets, or 24 ribs, no matter their sex. People born with certain conditions may have too many or too few ribs.

How do you know if you have an extra rib?

pain in your neck and shoulder, which spreads into your arm – this may be constant or come and go. temporary loss of feeling, weakness or tingling in the affected arm and fingers. temporary inability to carry out fine hand movements – such as doing up buttons.