What is this word reproduce?

What is this word reproduce?

What is this word reproduce?

transitive verb. : to produce again: such as. a : to produce (new individuals of the same kind) by a sexual or asexual process. b : to cause to exist again or anew reproduce water from steam.

What is an example of reproduce?

Reproduce is defined as to make again, recreate or give birth to. An example of reproduce is making a copy of a recipe from a cookbook. An example of reproduce is figuring out the ingredients of your favorite salsa and making it at home. An example of reproduce is having a baby.

What is another word for reproduce?

What is another word for reproduce?

copy duplicate
replicate transcribe
clone counterfeit
forge make a facsimile of
produce a copy of make a copy of

What is reproduction in biology?

Reproduction (or procreation) is the biological process by which new “offspring” are produced from their “parents”. Asexual reproduction yields genetically-identical organisms because an individual reproduces without another.

Do plants reproduce on their own?

And did you know that plants can also reproduce asexually? Plants are living organisms. That means they need to reproduce in order to pass on their genes to future generations. Plants can create offspring through either sexual or asexual reproduction.

What is difference between reproduce and reproduction?

As nouns the difference between reproduction and reproductive. is that reproduction is the act of reproducing new individuals biologically while reproductive is (biology) a reproductive organism (especially such as in an insect).

What does it mean to reproduce an image?

to make a copy, representation, duplicate, or close imitation of: to reproduce a picture.

Do plants have both male and female parts?

However, most plants are monoecious, meaning that individuals have both female and male structures. That is, some flowers are male and some are female, but both types are formed on the same individual plant.

Do plants have babies?

Do plants have babies? Yes, they do!

Why is reproduction important for us to study?

Reproduction is important for the survival of all living things. Without a mechanism for reproduction, life would come to an end. There are two types of reproduction to learn in elementary grades, asexual and sexual reproduction. Some cells reproduce by unequal division of the cells, this is called budding.

Are snakes asexual?

Most reptiles of the squamatan order (lizards and snakes) reproduce sexually, but parthenogenesis has been observed to occur naturally in certain species of whiptails, some geckos, rock lizards, Komodo dragons and snakes.

Can you reproduce a photo?

When it comes to photography, the photographer has the exclusive right to reproduce their photographs. This means that it is unlawful for others to do anything with these photographs without the photographer’s permission.

How do I get permission to reproduce images?

In general, the permissions process involves a simple five-step procedure:

  1. Determine if permission is needed.
  2. Identify the owner.
  3. Identify the rights needed.
  4. Contact the owner and negotiate whether payment is required.
  5. Get your permission agreement in writing.

Do humans procreate?

Human reproduction is any form of sexual reproduction resulting in human fertilization. It typically involves sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. During sexual intercourse, the interaction between the male and female reproductive systems results in fertilization of the woman’s ovum by the man’s sperm.

What are the 7 basic life processes?

Although her name sounds a bit strange, the letters in it stand for the life processes – movement, reproduction, sensitivity, nutrition, excretion, respiration and growth.