Why does my boyfriend get hard every morning?

Why does my boyfriend get hard every morning?

Why does my boyfriend get hard every morning?

Your testosterone level is at its highest in the morning after you wake up. It is highest immediately after waking up from rapid eye movement (REM) sleep stage. The increase in this hormone alone may be enough to cause an erection, even in the absence of any physical stimulation.

How do you wake a guy up in the morning?

Here are five sexy ways to rouse your man, and arouse him in the process.

  1. Stroke his chest and arms. Roll over to him and wrap your legs over his.
  2. Kiss his neck. Take it up a notch and start off by softly kissing the side of his neck.
  3. Touch him head to toe.
  4. Caress him down there.
  5. Get on top!

How do I wake up my boyfriend through text?

Short and Cute Morning Text Messages for Your Boyfriend

  1. Good morning, handsome! I love you!
  2. Hey, babe.
  3. I wish I was in your arms right now.
  4. Have a great day!
  5. Good morning my special guy.
  6. You mean so much to me.
  7. You always bring the biggest smile to my face.
  8. Without you, there is no me.

How do I wake my boyfriend up over text?

100 Sweet Good Morning Text Messages for Him

  1. “Good morning, you sexy thing!
  2. “I woke up this morning, and you instantly crossed my mind.
  3. “I miss you as soon as the door closes every morning.
  4. “With you, in my bed, all my dreams can come true!
  5. “Just to check if the most handsome guy woke up?”

Why does the boy cry at the end?

It is specifically when Manolin sees the appearance of Santiago that he begins to cry, so overwhelmed by emotion that he does not attempt to hide his tears when he sees other fishermen: The boy saw that the old man was breathing and then he saw the old man’s hands and he started to cry.

Why does Santiago hope the marlin will jump?

Santiago hopes that the fish will jump, because its air sacs would fill and prevent the fish from going too deep into the water, which would make it easier to pull out.