Did he tell or told?

Did he tell or told?

Did he tell or told?

Clearly the first is correct. In the first, the past tense is achieved by “did tell.” Did is the past tense of the infinitive form “to do,” it is conjugated as “do, did, done,” and here it is used to create the emphatic form of the verb “to tell”—”do tell, did tell, told.” I did what?

Did you just say or said?

Both are grammatically correct. The one to use depends on the situation you’re describing. Although I have heard a lot of people saying this, it is grammatically incorrect to use “did you just said”. You can use “did you just say” instead, this is not only grammatically correct, but also sounds better.

Is told to correct?

No. There is no difference in the normal sense between told and said to.

Is it talk with or talk to?

Talk to and talk with both mean to converse with someone. In almost all cases, talk to and talk with can be used interchangeably.

Did I just hear or heard?

“Heard” is the past form of “Hear”, so the correct sentence will be “Did I just hear him…?”.

Did say or said?

1 Answer. The difference is that ‘did say’ adds emphasis or confirmation, for example if the ‘guys’ had expressed doubt or surprise that you said that, or you had not been sure whether you had said it. Further emphasis could be provided by preceding ‘did’ with an adverb such as really, actually or definitely.

What to use instead of she said?

Either way, try these words instead of “said”:

  • cheered.
  • cried out.
  • beamed.
  • rejoiced.
  • exclaimed.
  • gushed.
  • yelled.
  • crowed.

What to say instead of it states?

What is another word for it states?

it claims it exclaims
it mentions it says
it announces it conveys
it discloses it divulges

Did I do or say something wrong?

The right answer is: Did I say something wrong? We should not use said (past tense) with did. Therefor the right use will be “Did I say something wrong”.

Is talk with wrong?

“Talking with” is technically correct but rarely used and therefore sounds alien to a speaker of English.

What did I just see or saw?

See is a present tense. Saw is a past tense. That’s one difference between the two. Right now, I just see the boat.

What does I hear ya mean?

“I hear ya!” means. I understand what you are saying! I agree with you!

Did I just say or said?