How can I cover my genetic dark circles?

How can I cover my genetic dark circles?

How can I cover my genetic dark circles?

People may not be able to remove dark eye circles altogether, but several techniques and remedies can help minimize their appearance.

  1. Getting adequate sleep.
  2. Elevating the head during sleep.
  3. Applying cold compresses.
  4. Minimizing sun exposure.
  5. Cucumber slices and tea bags.
  6. Vitamin C.
  7. Retinoid creams.

What is the best dark circle cover up?

These are the 11 best concealers for dark circles:

  • Best Overall: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.
  • Best Waterproof Option: IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Waterproof Concealer.
  • Best Anti-Aging Option: Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer.
  • Best Budget Option: NYX Professional Makeup HD Photogenic Concealer.

Which concealer is best for dark skin?

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer “It’s a super-creamy formula with medium-to-full-coverage that corrects complexion imperfections and can multi-task as highlight or contour.” Makeup artist Bob Scott adds, “The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer has been my go-to for a few years now, especially for darker skin tones.

What’s the best way to hide dark circles under your eyes?

The best way to conceal dark circles

  1. Prime with eye cream. A hydrating eye cream will reduce the risk of your concealer caking or collecting in any fine lines, and act as a primer for makeup.
  2. Pick a peach tone concealer.
  3. Select the right shade.
  4. Apply it right.
  5. Make it melt-proof.

What color helps dark circles?

Dark circles tend to be blue or gray in color . To conceal them you need to apply a color that’s opposite on the color wheel, which would be peach or orange. If you have fair skin, choose a light to medium peach color. For medium to dark skin, pick a dark peach or orange color.

Should you wear eyeliner if you have dark circles?

We tend to like the look of perfectly lined lids. However, by lining your lower lid, you risk putting emphasis on your dark circles. If eyeliner is your thing, apply a darker shade only on top. And if you must line your lower lid, choose a color that’s lighter.

Do I put concealer on before or after foundation?

“I only recommend using concealer before foundation when you have a lot of blemishes to cover and you need to use tons of thick, correcting concealer for coverage,” Quynh tells us. “Then you can lightly stipple or dab foundation on top of the concealer for extra coverage and blending.”

Should concealer go on after foundation?

Always apply your foundation first, unless you are using a powder foundation. If you apply your concealer first, you may end up wiping some off when you apply foundation or using a lot more product than necessary, which can create a heavy, cakey look.

What color cancels out brown?

Pink: Cancels BROWN | This helps camouflage brown spots, age spots, sun spots, acne scarring, and more; it is especially helpful for fair skin tones.