How long does it take to recover from neck surgery?

How long does it take to recover from neck surgery?

How long does it take to recover from neck surgery?

After both procedures patients are usually discharged from the hospital within 1-2 days. It will take between 4 and 6 weeks before light work can be accomplished, while full recovery usually takes between 2 and 3 months. If necessary your doctor may suggest physical therapy sessions to aid recovery.

What is neck fusion surgery?

Anterior cervical discectomy with fusion, or ACDF, is a surgery designed to relieve spinal cord or nerve root pressure in the neck by removing all or part of a damaged disc. This procedure starts with a one- to two-inch incision in the front of the neck.

What happens after c5 c6 surgery?

Your Recovery After surgery, you can expect your neck to feel stiff and sore. This should improve in the weeks after surgery. You may have trouble sitting or standing in one position for very long and may need pain medicine in the weeks after your surgery. You may need to wear a neck brace for a while.

How serious is neck surgery?

Because neck surgery is performed around the throat and near the spinal cord, there is a small but real risk of very serious complications. These can include: Damage to one of the large arteries and veins that go through the neck into the brain. Damage to the nerves or spinal cord.

What can go wrong with neck surgery?

Some risks related to neck surgery can include: bleeding or hematoma at the surgical site. infection of the surgical site. injury to the nerves or spinal cord.

When do you need neck surgery?

If cervical degeneration causes myelopathy (spinal cord dysfunction), radiculopathy (dysfunction of nerves to the neck or arms), neck pain, or abnormal neck motion, surgery may be necessary. The surgical goal is to reduce pain and restore spinal stability.

Is a spinal fusion worth it?

Spinal fusion is typically an effective treatment for fractures, deformities or instability in the spine. But study results are more mixed when the cause of the back or neck pain is unclear. In many cases, spinal fusion is no more effective than nonsurgical treatments for nonspecific back pain.

How long do you have to stay in the hospital after neck surgery?

Usually, you will have to remain in the hospital for around two days following this surgery. Further recovery will happen over the next four to six weeks, after which you can return to light activities.

Is neck surgery serious?

Complications during routine neck surgery are rare, and a study shows the most serious—death—is virtually nonexistent. Every surgical procedure carries a risk of complications. But even if the risk is low, serious complications can occur.

Is cervical fusion a high risk surgery?

Patients undergoing an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) are at a higher risk of dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), nerve injury in the larynx (voice box), and pharynx wall swelling.