What are parents concerned about?

What are parents concerned about?

What are parents concerned about?

A new national poll found that parents’ top concerns for their children include overuse of social media and screen time, internet safety, depression, suicide, unhealthy eating and lack of physical activity. Overall, they ranked COVID-19 as number 10 on their list of worries.

What are some parenting concerns apprehensions and preparations?

10 most common new parent worries

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  • Breastfeeding challenges. Positioning.
  • Lack of sleep. Sleepless nights are part of parenthood, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you adjust.
  • When to call the doctor.
  • Weight gain.
  • Vaccine safety.
  • Making milestones.
  • Inconsolable crying.

Do parents worry too much?

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — The amount of worry shared by parents and their grownup children can feel like a warm comforter or wet blanket, a new University of Florida study finds.

Why are parents worried and concerned?

Parents are also concerned about the environment, health care costs and their children’s ability to develop positive relationships. While female parents are more concerned about environmental issues and the political climate. We also find differences according to the age of the youngest child.

What is the hardest thing about parenting?

The hardest thing about parenting is that nobody else can do it for you. You might argue that, as a parent, the hardest thing is making a decision that affects your family. You might decide to bottle-feed or let baby cry it out, or you might struggle with going back to work.

What is the hardest part about being a new parent?

The Hardest Part About Adjusting to New Motherhood, According to First-Time Moms. Parenting is unbelievably rewarding — but whether it’s sleep deprivation, breastfeeding difficulties or coping with stress, it’s also tough work. Being a parent is hard work — and for most people, adjusting to this new role takes time.