What does recurrent disease mean?

What does recurrent disease mean?

What does recurrent disease mean?

Recurrent disease is defined as the appearance of new active cysts after therapy of intrahepatic or extrahepatic disease (Sielaff et al, 2001).

What is a recurrent tumor?

Cancer that has recurred (come back), usually after a period of time during which the cancer could not be detected. The cancer may come back to the same place as the original (primary) tumor or to another place in the body. Also called recurrent cancer.

Is recurrence the same as metastasis?

Regional recurrence means that the tumor has grown into lymph nodes or tissues near the original cancer. Distant recurrence means the cancer has spread to organs or tissues far from the original cancer. When cancer spreads to a distant place in the body, it is called metastasis or metastatic cancer.

Why do cancers recur?

Cancer recurs because small areas of cancer cells can remain in the body after treatment. Over time, these cells may multiply and grow large enough to cause symptoms or for tests to find them. When and where a cancer recurs depends on the type of cancer. Some cancers have an expected pattern of recurrence.

Why do I constantly have ulcers?

Mouth ulcers can sometimes be caused by certain medical conditions, such as: viral infections – including the cold sore virus, chickenpox, and hand, foot and mouth disease. vitamin B12or iron deficiency. Crohn’s disease– a long-term condition that causes inflammation of the lining of the digestive system.

What recurring payment means?

What does recurring payment mean? Recurring payment is a payment model where the customers authorize the merchant to pull funds from their accounts automatically at regular intervals for the goods and services provided to them on an ongoing basis.

Do antidepressants prevent relapse?

In 35 reports of 37 trials (n = 7253) lasting 27.0 months, antidepressants were effective in preventing recurrences (RR = 2.03, CI 1.80–2.28; NNT = 3.8; p < 0.0001), with minor differences among drug types.

Why does my stomach ulcer keep coming back?

And even with treatment, ulcers sometimes come back. Certain factors such as cigarette smoking and continued use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) increase the risk of ulcers coming back. Sometimes ulcers can cause complications, such as bleeding, perforation, penetration, or obstruction.