What is the best synonyms for desperate?

What is the best synonyms for desperate?

What is the best synonyms for desperate?

synonyms for desperate

  • impetuous.
  • incautious.
  • monstrous.
  • risky.
  • scandalous.
  • shocking.
  • venturesome.
  • death-defying.

What do you call a state of desperate need?

See synonyms for desperation on Thesaurus.com. noun. the state of being desperate or of having the recklessness of despair. the act or fact of despairing; despair.

What is the meaning of desperate need?

having an urgent need, desire, etc.: desperate for attention;desperate to find a job. leaving little or no hope; very serious or dangerous: a desperate illness.

What’s another word for a strong desire?

What is another word for strong desire?

thirst hunger
longing lust
passion yearning
hankering yen
eagerness keenness

Is desire good or bad?

Desire is not considered to be a bad thing in and of itself; rather, it is a powerful force within the human that, once submitted to the Lordship of Christ, can become a tool for good, for advancement, and for abundant living.

Whats the word when you want something so bad?

hope; languish; long for; pine; to want something very badly; yearn; have one’s heart set on.

What does a desperate woman act like?

The desperate woman will act as if she had no life before you came along. She will agree with your every opinion, adopt your concerns and interests, and participate in your life as if she always has. She’ll become best friends with your friends and try to turn them into her advocates.

How can you tell if a woman is desperate?

10 Signs Of A Desperate Woman

  1. She buys you things all the time.
  2. You are in constant communication.
  3. She is always available.
  4. Asking for too much too soon.
  5. Not respecting boundaries.
  6. She hops from one relationship to another.
  7. She fishes for compliments.
  8. She can’t tell when she’s not welcome.

What happens when a person is desperate?

The feeling when you have lost almost all hope or ability to reach a goal. You will do anything to still achieve it. You feel desperation when you want to reach a goal, or prevent something really bad from happening, but it seems nearly impossible that you will succeed.

Why is excess of desire harmful?

Desire is healthy but it becomes destructive when one has excessive desire for something. Sometimes excessive desire morphs into obsession. When one is obsessed they can not stop doing something and they often lose control of their lives.

Is desire a sin?

“Desire as a sin” is a concept from Western religions; a concept that has, unfortunately taken root over large parts of the world. Desire is natural – it is what we do with desire that matters. As per Abrahamic Christianity, entire human life is sin, so why just desire, everything you do are and do and think is sin.

How do you say you want something badly?

  1. after. adverb. informal wanting to get something that belongs to someone else.
  2. badly. adverb. if you need or want something badly, you need or want it very much.
  3. could use something. phrase.
  4. covetous. adjective.
  5. desperate. adjective.
  6. envious. adjective.
  7. gasping. adjective.
  8. insatiable. adjective.

What is it called when you know what you want?