What is the thoracolumbar region?

What is the thoracolumbar region?

What is the thoracolumbar region?

Thoracolumbar spine is the transitional zone between the stiff thoracic cage and the mobile lumbar spine. Therefore, it is a vulnerable region for injury, including fracture and dislocation. The posterior procedures have a long history and have been popularized among spinal surgeons.

What is thoracolumbar back pain?

Thoracic back pain is pain that occurs in the thoracic spine. The thoracic spine is located at the back of the chest (the thorax), mostly between the shoulder blades. It extends from the bottom of the neck to the start of the lumbar spine, roughly at the level of the waist.

What causes pain in the thoracolumbar fascia?

Excessive strain, overuse, repetitive stress or having poor posture when lifting an object or squatting can bring on thoracolumbar pain in the low-, mid- or upper back. Sitting all day can also damage the thoracolumbar fascia.

What is the purpose of the thoracolumbar fascia?

The connection that the thoracolumbar fascia has with the posterior ligaments of the lumbar spine allows it to assist in supporting the vertebral column when it is flexed by developing fascial tension that helps control the abdominal wall.

What level is thoracolumbar?

The thoracolumbar spine consists of 12 thoracic vertebrae and 5 lumbar vertebrae. The thoracic level is kyphotic, and the lumbar region is lordotic. The thoracolumbar region, as a transition zone, is especially prone to injury.

How do you release tension in fascia?

How to improve your fascia health

  1. Stretch for 10 minutes a day. Share on Pinterest.
  2. Try a mobility program.
  3. Roll out your tight spots.
  4. Visit the sauna, especially after the gym.
  5. Apply cold therapy.
  6. Get your cardio on.
  7. Try yoga.
  8. Keep you and your fascia hydrated.

Does Multifidus attach to thoracolumbar fascia?

The thoracolumbar fascia serves as an attachment site for various muscles of the back, even housing the deep ones. This article will describe the anatomy´╗┐ of the thoracolumbar fascia. ´╗┐Houses several deep muscles of the back, for instance quadratus lumborum, transversospinalis, spinal erectors and multifidus.

What is a thoracolumbar spine condition?

Definition. Thoracolumbar fractures are breakages in the vertebrae of the spinal column in the thoracic and lumbar regions. They may be associated with disruption of the ligamentous complexes, and can result in instability or compression of neural structures.

What does a thoracic herniated disc feel like?

The symptoms of a herniated disc in the thoracic area usually include: Pain that travels around the body and into one or both legs. Numbness or tingling in areas of one or both legs. Muscle weakness in certain muscles of one or both legs.